PCST Network

Public Communication of Science and Technology


About the PCST Network

Members of the PCST Network come from a range of backgrounds:

The Scientific Committee, responsible for managing the PCST Network, is elected by members of the Network every two years – at the general meeting held at the bi-annual PCST Conference.

The Program Committee, the Conference Committee and other sub-committees handle other aspects of PCST business on behalf of the Scientific Committee.

The PCST Network has a constitution that sets out the rules of the organisation, including membership, elections and the responsibilities of the Scientific Committee and other sub-committees. The Network has a legal status as an incorporated association registered in Australia.

Network for the Public Communication of Science and Technology
Incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory under the Associations Incorporation Act of 1991.
Association number: A05352

The aims of PCST

The PCST Network seeks to promote new ideas, methods, intellectual and practical questions, and perspectives on the communication of science and technology.

Specifically, it aims to:

History of PCST conferences

The PCST Network attracted 130 delegates to its first conference in Poitiers, France in 1989. The founders of the movement include Pierre Fayard, Bernard Schiele, Valadimir De Semir and Suzanne De Cheveigne, all still actively involved in science communication.

Subsequent conferences were held in Madrid (Spain, 1991) and Montreal (Canada, 1994), and the Network has developed into a truly international organisation with a conference every 2 years and an active electronic discussion list.

PCST conferences have been held in:

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The PCST Network also organises symposia. They have a different focus to the conferences, with a focus on a single issue or a particular region. Symposia held so far have been:

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