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Photo: Birte Fähnrich

Birte Fähnrich

Committee member 2018–20

Electorate – Any country but under the age of thirty-five

Dr. Birte Fähnrich is a senior researcher at the Center for Political Communication at Zeppelin University (Friedrichshafen, Germany). Birte holds a PhD in Communication Science from Leipzig University (Germany).

She is the speaker of the Science Communication Section of the German Communication Association DGPuK and a member of the PCST committee. Birte was visiting professor for Organizational Communication at the University of Greifswald (Germany) as well as visiting researcher at the Royal Roads University (Canada, BC) and Lund University (Sweden). She is co-editor of two important German edited volumes on science communication (Forschungsfeld Wissenschaftskommunikation/the Field of Science Communication) and university communication (Forschungsfeld Hochschulkommunikation/the Field of University Communication) both published at Springer. Moreover, she is co-editing a special issue of the Journal of Science Communication on communication at the intersection of science and politics. Birte's research is dedicated to strategic science communication, e.g. with regard to organizational crises, to science communication in political environments, e.g. in the field of science diplomacy and scientific policy advice.


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