PCST Network

Public Communication of Science and Technology


PCST Life Members

PCST awards honorary life membership of the network to individuals who have made a distinguished contribution to the international science communication community. This award is given in recognition of exceptional service.

The initial recipients of this award in 2014 were the principal hosts or co-hosts of the PCST conferences since 1989. The PCST Scientific Committee has the powers to award life membership to conference hosts and others with a record of significant achievement.

The current list at January 2019 of honorary life members is as follows, in alphabetical order:

Massimiano Bucchi

Professor of science and technology in society at University of Trento, author of numerous books on science in society, and host of the 2012 PCST conference at Florence.

Gultekin Cakmakci

Professor of science education at Hacettepe University, and host of the 2016 PCST conference at Istanbul.

Paola Catopano

Science journalist and head of audio-visual productions at CERN in Geneva, and host of the 2001 PCST conference at CERN.

Lloyd Davis

Professor of science communication at University of Otago, documentary film-maker and author, and host of the 2018 PCST conference at Dunedin.

Vladimir de Semir

President of the Studies Center on Science, Communication and Society and former professor of science communication and journalism at Pompeu Fabra University. Host of the 2004 PCST conference at Barcelona, Spain.

Pierre Fayard

Professor emeritus at University of Poitiers, author of books on science communication and strategic thinking, and host of the first-ever PCST conference in 1989 at Poitiers.

Winfried Göpfert

Former professor of science journalism at Free University Berlin, and host of the 1998 PCST conference at Berlin.

Toss Gascoigne

Consultant in science communication, visiting fellow at Australian National University, former president of PCST Network and co-host of the 1996 PCST conference at Melbourne.

Marina Joubert

Senior researcher at Stellenbosch University Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology, and host of the 2002 PCST conference at Cape Town.

Hak-Soo Kim

Professor emeritus of communication at Sogang University, Fellow of the International Communication Association and Korean Academy of Science and Technology, and host of the 2006 PCST conference at Seoul.

Luisa Massarani

Researcher in science communication at Casa de Oswaldo Cruz/Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, coordinator of the National Institute of Public Communication of Science and Technology, and host of the 2014 PCST conference at Salvador, Bahia.

Manoj Kumar Patairiya

Director of the National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, former Director, National Council for Science & Technology Communication. and host of the 2010 PCST conference at New Delhi.

Hans Peter Peters

Researcher at Forschungszentrum Jülich, adjunct professor in science journalism at Free University Berlin, author of seminal journal papers in science communication.

Jan Riise

Engagement Manager at Mistra Urban Futures department of Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg, and host of the 2008 PCST conference at Malmø / Copenhagen.

Bernard Schiele

Professor of communication at University of Quebec at Montreal, editor of many essay collections and author of numerous papers in science communication, and host of the 1994 PCST conference at Montréal.