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The archive contains abstracts and full papers of contributions to previous PCST conferences and symposia. Not all papers or abstracts have been posted yet, and we are progressively adding further entries. The archive includes abstracts alone, and when available, abstracts plus full papers.

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1991 – Madrid, Spain: 38 papers archived.   (click on column headings to sort)
Author(s) Title Category
Abramczyk. JShort note on the "shortening" of scientific journalismPaper
Amor. ABridging the gap between science and the public in AsiaPaper
Arunachalam. SStatus of science communication in India todayPaper
Bobnar. BQuality of scientific data used in newspaper reports after the Chernobyl accidentPaper
Boyle. CPublic communication on science and technology: The hidden agendaPaper
Bradburne. JFields of knowledge: Harvesting scientefic understandingPaper
Canini. GTransfer of scientific information to social groups: Key factor in the...Paper
Castillo. AEcology and communication in MexicoPaper
Cornell. JThe hidden persuaders: Institutional spokespersons and the image of sciencePaper
Deveze-Berthet. DScientific and technical information and communication: What sorts of training for...Paper
Dubey. VCommunication research support for Indian health information policy : A reviewPaper
Durant. JA consumerist approach to PCST?Paper
Entwistle. VHealth coverage in the quality and popular press in the U.KPaper
Fayard. PJournalistic reconstruction of reality:A comparative study of the coverage of the...Paper
Gavrilova. GPopularisation of science in Russia: Analysis of publications in the journal...Paper
Göpfert. WTeaching science journalism at the free University of Berlin:A German approach to...Paper
Gunawardene. NA novel enviromental educational package for a third world television audiencePaper
Jerome. FThe media resource service and other programs of the scientists' institute for...Paper
Khanal. PPublic communication on science and technology: Nepal's experiencePaper
Lewenstein. BInsiders, outsiders, or in-between? An international comparison of the role of...Paper
Logan. RDialogue: a step before science literacyPaper
Logan. REvents, contexts and conflicts: A content analysis of the Los Angeles Times and the...Paper
Mcmanus. PA case study in adaptive museum presentation of Medical SciencePaper
Meadows. AThe development of science reporting: A case studyPaper
Mikheev. AWhat prevents the popularization of medical knowledge?Paper
Obi. SCollege level education of sciences through TV and radioPaper
Orive Riva. PThe scientific and technological fact in the journalism of the coming centuryPaper
Ottosen. RScience and journalism: A survey of science writing in Norwegian dailiesPaper
Pellequer. BAniane: A natural area open to sciencesPaper
Pitre. RThe legitimacy of the techno-science as a social project: Consequences on the...Paper
Prats. CExhibitions as tools of scientific communicationPaper
Schanne. M"Schweizerhalle" perspectives on media coverage of Chemical riskPaper
Sharma. RIndian mass media and S&T communicationPaper
Stringer. PThe public goes shopping for sciencePaper
Tarpin. CDiscourses on science and technology museums in Europe and in North AmericaPaper
Van de Vusse. AThe science shop and citizen's demands on soil contaminationPaper
Wagensberg. JLife sciences in interactive museumsPaper
Willems. JScience popularization in motionPaper
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Poitiers, France

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Holliman, R. (2004). Interpreting science news: media templates and scientific citizenship.
Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
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