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1994 – Montreal, Canada   [45 papers presented]

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Author(s) Title Category
Aviña C, FThe university students’ role in scientific diffusion in MexicoPaper
Bauer, MScience and technology in the British press: 1946 to 1986Paper
Campanella, LScience and citizens: The case of RomePaper
Carne, CWhy neural networks are not bicycles: Some problems with the "SCOT" approach to...Paper
Caudill, EThe bishop eaters: The publicity campaign for Darwin and the OriginPaper
Cooper, JMuch may be made if she be caught young:How museums can best effect public...Paper
Einsiedel, ECommunication professionals, the public understanding of science, and environmental...Paper
Emmer, MCan mathematics play a cultural role?Paper
Esteban, LCommunication among scientists in the center and on the peripheryPaper
Evans, WContent-analytic studies of science news: Innovations and opportunitiesPaper
Felt, UScience and its public: Popularization of science in Vienna 1900-1938Paper
Gascoigne, TIncentives and impediments to scientists communicating through the media: a...Paper
Goonatilake, SBiotechnology and information technology and the coming merger of science,...Paper
Gorges, ICultural differences in research on new technologies: A case study on the historical...Paper
Gregory, JUnorthodox science in the public domain: A communications network approachPaper
Gunawardene, NEnvironmental reporting under duress: The Sri Lankan examplePaper
Hanna, JScience on a shoestringPaper
Hayes, NAre we getting through? The psychological basis of scientific communicationPaper
Herman, RState shutters on science: How sincere are Western liberal democracies about public...Paper
Hine, CVirtual ethnographyPaper
Israelsson, AScience centers in sweden – development and new rolesPaper
Koster, EScience, technology and life-long learning in the 21st centuryPaper
Kuznick, PPublic communication of science in the Vietnam warPaper
Langley, CScience sources for the media – the UK Media Resource ServicePaper
Levidow, LDebating the real Jurassic Park: Agricultural biotechnology as culturePaper
Limoges, CScience and technology culture: Why does it matter?Paper
Magaña, PThe challenge of science communication in MexicoPaper
Mangla, BIntroducing ethics and values in science communication an Indian perspectivePaper
McDonald, DPublic beliefs about environmental issues in Canadian national parksPaper
McNeil, MFeminism confronts the sciences: Science for all the peoplePaper
Mercure, OQuantum physics stripped of mathematics: Who ordered that?Paper
Patrício, MA characterization of a new scientific community: Some results of the Portuguese...Paper
Restivo, SSociology: A Copernican social science revolution and its implications for science...Paper
Rynd, JScience in action: Tales of the Calgary science networkPaper
Satofuka, FScience and culture in Japan – in comparison with the tradition of art and...Paper
Shaw, BAn approach to improved representation in science and technology decision-makingPaper
Sheets-Pyenson, SPopular science in nineteenth century Canada: The case of the Canadian NaturalistPaper
Solar, CMathematics, technology and teacher educationPaper
Spurgeon, DScience communication and developmentPaper
Tydén, TTrained research consumers – a key to better knowledge utilization?Paper
Varma, RProletarianization of scientists?Paper
Vézina, AInvesting in R&D – a micro perspectivePaper
Woolgar, SRethinking the dissemination of science and technologyPaper
Yergey, NStrategic alliances between industry and educationPaper
Zhang, NScientific and technological culture: The case study from ChinaPaper

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Holliman, R. (2004). Interpreting science news: media templates and scientific citizenship.
Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
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