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2001 – Geneva, Switzerland   [85 papers presented]

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Alcock, DHow managers seek and use informationPaper
Barbagallo, FFluoridation in Ireland: Are policy makers ready to listen to lay experts?Paper
Barbosa, EPhysics in internet : A collection of resources on physics in the World Wide WebPaper
Borchelt, RManaging the trust portfolio: Restoring public trust at the U.S. department of...Paper
Brossard, DScientific literacy: Scientific and technical vocabularies in media coveragePaper
Bucchi, MWhy should scientists turn to the publicPaper
Castelfranchi, YScience journalism toward the post-academic era of sciencePaper
Cerrato, SULISSE In the net of sciencePaper
Chen, GThe role played by Chinese scientists in the campaign against pseudo-sciencePaper
Cheng, DChina Association for Science and Technology: A leading organization in science...Paper
Cheveigné, SMediations and world visions the reporting of environmental news on TVPaper
Christian, CScientists in the public spherePaper
Clegg, RPractice and evaluation of science communications in the UKPaper
Colombia, BInternational and national press coverage analysis of the biosafety protocol meeting...Paper
Crease, RBreakdown! The Events of 1997 at Brookhaven National LaboratoryPaper
Dahinden, UPublic understanding and public participation in science: Competing or...Paper
Denis, WMuseums and the public understanding of science in GermanyPaper
Dijkstra, AHow do journalists use statistical information? An analysis of articles on...Paper
Dimopoulos, KA study of the way science and technology are presented in the Greek daily press:...Paper
Duensing, SPublic understanding of science and science understanding of the publicPaper
Eaeds, JLosing the message in the mediumPaper
Elam, MCan science centres become centres of assessment as well as Learning? reflections on...Paper
Ellison, MStrategic issues associated with the teaching and learning of fundamental concepts...Paper
Enea, OMultilevel cyber-writing for the dissemination of scientific and technical...Paper
Errington, SThe evolution of science communication courses: Training scientists to communicatePaper
Erzberger, AQuarkNet bringing students to particle physics researchPaper
Fantoni, SThe SISSA school in science communication facing novel challengesPaper
Folkerts, PLicht der Zukunft – Light for the new millennium:An exhibition project of...Paper
Gascoigne, TWhy do governments spend money on national programs of science awareness?Paper
Giordan, ACommunication and scientific communitiesPaper
Gottfried, CA webbased learning system for schoolsPaper
Hughes, CWho are we reaching via science fairs in south africa examining the “people...Paper
Jörg, DScience channels are a threat to science journalismPaper
Jörg, DWhy real science doesn’t sell on TVPaper
Junyent, CA university journal for communicating Science to indoor scientific community:...Paper
Junyent, CBiomedia: A Spanish internet biomedical news serverPaper
Kahn, MTransforming the South African science and technology system toward national...Paper
Kaufmann, AHow should exhibitions link science and society ?Paper
Kaufmann, ANegociating facts and values in the public sphere:New trends in the democratisation...Paper
Kim, HThe Korean public's impressions of the SET (Scientist-Engineer-Technician)Paper
Kyrtsis, ASystems, ethics and problem oriented science educationPaper
Lamberts, RHow many publics? Science communication and lay impressions of mental ...Paper
Lanza, TCommunication and natural hazard: Dealing with complexity in emergency. the...Paper
Lederbogen, Promoting science on the web public relations for science organizations :Results of...Paper
Lewenstein, BScientists as communicators:The role of booksPaper
Lou, WScientists and farmers: Chinese rural science popularizationPaper
Lynch, MManaging the public trust portfolioPaper
Macedo, MA science communication programme for researchers and journalists: The experience...Paper
Madsen, CPublic Communication of AstronomyPaper
Malaivongs, KRoles of a research institution in promoting:Public understanding of science and...Paper
Mascini, PThe relevance of science communication in geographically remote communities and...Paper
Metcalfe, JAn evaluation model for national natural resources communication programsPaper
Miller, SThe European Network of Science Communication Teachers (ENSCOT)Paper
Murphy, IThe Pfizer science bus: A science outreach programme for IrelandPaper
Neresini, FWhat does it happen after an experimental attempt to evaluate the effects of a...Paper
Nisbet, MA comparison of US media coverage of biotechnology with public perceptions of geneti...Paper
O’Mara, KChanging Research Communication: What happens when industry enters the equation?Paper
Parsons, WScientists and politicians :The need to communicatePaper
Peters, HScientists as public expertsPaper
Potter, DFood fight:Identity and representation of the genetically modified food debate in...Paper
Pouris, AInterests, public attitudes and sources of scientific information in South AfricaPaper
Retout, OWhat is the role and position for NHM in communicating science to the societyPaper
Revuelta, GBarcelona: City of KnowledgePaper
Richter, WGerman physicists venture into the department store:The year of Physics 2000 in...Paper
Riedlinger, MScientists on the Murray: The role of scientists in communicating behaviour change...Paper
Rifkin, WExplaining, persuading, mediating or all three? How stakeholders design a science...Paper
Roth, BPublic awareness for brain research: A world wide endeavourPaper
Roura-Poch, MHealth news coverage in Spanish daily press:A five year perspectivePaper
Schweikert, FSynergy effects by cross media communication on marine science on board the marine...Paper
Scrive, MAn evolution in the methods of conception of scientific exhibitions.Paper
Selinger, ECan 'Values Experts' bridge the gap between experts and the public?Paper
Smallman, MThe Young Science Communicators NetworkPaper
Stutchbury, RScience in the Pub goes outbackPaper
Szűcs, IShaping partnership foresight as a facifitator of co-operation in a country of...Paper
Tinnaluck, YPCST in Thailand: PCST as an integrated concept & a new approach for knowledge-based...Paper
Torok, SCommunicating climate changePaper
Trench, BHow scientists view their public communicationPaper
Vols, SThe Technopolis experience : From science fairs and events to a science center.Paper
Vraneš, SA Via-Net science and technology foresight exercisePaper
Willems, JRisks of public communicatie of science and technologyPaper
Withnall, JBreast cancer media: Accuracy, readability and rhetoricPaper
Withnall, JCommunication> Science: Science > CommunicationPaper
Withnall, JEnvironmental reporting in Australia: Developing a triple bottom line approach that...Paper
Withnall, JJournalists reporting on the environment in Australia 1995-2000Paper
Withnall, JThe green games, Sydney 2000 Olympics and Paralympics:Science messages + SPIN...Paper

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Holliman, R. (2004). Interpreting science news: media templates and scientific citizenship.
Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
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