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2002 – Cape Town, South Africa   [110 papers presented]

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Becker, RAre science students interested in sciencePaper
Becker, RScience awareness and knowledge of first year students at the universityPaper
Benade, JThe joy of learning – skills vs. challengesPaper
Bianucci, MA web database of the European science museums, with path configurator and path...Paper
Bindon, JMechanical Technology for the classroom and for PUSET exhibitionsPaper
Birch, BCommunication within the health sciences an integrated approach for studentsPaper
Borchelt, RRethinking the role of the Information Officer in S&T communicationPaper
Burke, PCollaboration creates the differencePaper
Cerini, BNew communication concepts for the UKPaper
Cerini, BScience Year engaging via the arts science interfacePaper
Cheng, DScience and technology communication oriented towards china’s rural populationPaper
Cheveigné, SQuestions the public asks of sciencePaper
Clarke, BImproving communication between farmers and scientistsPaper
Coetzee, CProject Oriented Learning as teaching methodology in the teaching of science and...Paper
Coetzee, CProject Oriented Learning in the Faculty of Engineering at TNG an examplePaper
Collett, MCommunicating the Coelacanth InitiativePaper
Corbett, JTesting public (Un)certainty of science: Media representations of global warmingPaper
Dijck, JAfter the ‘two cultures’: Towards a ‘(multi)cultural’...Paper
Dilotsotlhe, KBuilding capacity in science radio journalism in South AfricaPaper
Duff- Riddell, WOn TRAR in science educationPaper
Dunwoody, SThe Why Files as a laboratory for studying the role of the world wide web in public...Paper
Edwards, CEvaluating European Public Awareness of Science Initiatives: A review of the...Paper
Einisedel, EMaking technological democracy work deliberative models of public consultationPaper
Errington, STaking science to the community: The Shell Questacon Science CircusPaper
Fairall, APlanetariums - Beyond the naked eyePaper
Fayard, PKnowledge management challenges for PCST in the knowledge-based societyPaper
Fayard, PPCST in the knowledge based society bringing global and local to interact in the...Paper
Fieschi, RThe INFM’s initiatives for the educational field and for the public awareness...Paper
Fish, DScience “Magic” Shows communicating science in an unforgettable wayPaper
Friedhoffer, RScience the magic of publicly communicating and inspiring students to study itPaper
Friedman, SCommunicating about radiation problems with complex science, distrust and...Paper
Gascoigne, TTalking to members of parliament about the importance of sciencePaper
Gething, LMRC scientists and the media attitudes to and experiences of reporting their...Paper
Greeff, MExperiences of widowhood and beliefs about the mourning process of the Batswana...Paper
Greeff, MThe patient relationship and therapeutic techniques of the South Sotho traditional...Paper
Harvey, JSchool Innovation in Science - the development, education and public communication...Paper
Hermes, NTaking a leading role in developing cross cultural communication processes in...Paper
Heyen, NCreative, inexpensive ideas for museums - interactive learning and outreachPaper
Holliman, RReporting contested science: Comparing media coverage of genetic explanations for...Paper
Holliman, RScience in the news: A cross-cultural study of newspapers in five European countries.Paper
Howell, GThe Ashkui Project:Using Cultural Landscapes to Link Labrador Innu Knowledge and...Paper
Hutter, TThe Multi-Platform approach - the vision, the science, the outreach and the...Paper
Jasinski, AScience needs good public relations: A marketing approach to science-industry ...Paper
Joubert, MHow do I become ‘media savvy’?Paper
Joubert, MDespite ignorance and uncertainties, many South Africans support biotechnology and...Paper
Kandachi, KTraditional and online media: How the internet has changed the reporting of medical...Paper
Kass, JMass Media Fellowship Program an innovative way to communicate sciencePaper
Kim, HEngagement a new conceptual key of PCSTPaper
Knoesen, DDevelopment of an environmental physics undergraduate major coursePaper
Lamberts, RPromoting science awareness in the Pacific: Some challenges in the creation of the...Paper
Langa, EBMW Centers for excellence in mathematics science and technologyPaper
Lanza, TEchoes of the Nyriagongo volcanic eruption in the European mediaPaper
Laws, MPlanting the seeds of science and technology within a Maori communityPaper
Lehmkuhl, MThe BSE case: Opinion making in a community in northern GermanyPaper
Li, DCurrent scientific literacy of Chinese citizens findings from 2001 National SurveyPaper
Linde, CProject Oriented Learning _POL_ as a tool for communicating environmental chemistry...Paper
Macedo-Rouet, MReading and understanding a science report through paper and hypertextPaper
Mager, BDesign and sciencePaper
Manzini, SEffective communication of science in a culturally diverse societyPaper
Massarani, LHuman cloning: A soap opera as a science communication toolPaper
Mbananga, NA critical analysis of reproductive health information in South AfricaPaper
McCrindle, CCommunicating with rural communities to improve quality of lifePaper
Merle C, TInternational perspective of environmental education an applied research in the...Paper
Merlino, SINFM partner in a exciting European education projectPaper
Metcalfe, JTraining scientists to use the media effectivelyPaper
Meyer, VProject oriented learning (pol) as a comunication tool of environmental sciences in...Paper
Meyer, HCommunicating science to rural communities requires boundary crossingPaper
Moreira, IThe naturalists and the popularization of sciencePaper
Moxon, EMicroWorlds-exploring the structure of materialsPaper
Mvalo, MScience-on-the highway _taking science to the peoplePaper
Myburgh, MSA learners learn basic hands-on electronics as facilitated by an IT learning...Paper
Naude, RThe HSRC’s Human Resources Development Data Warehouse project disseminating...Paper
Negrete, AScience via narratives communicating science through literary formsPaper
Nelson, JMass participation experiments reaching new audiences through internet based...Paper
Nelson, JUK Science Year working to a pre-defined government briefPaper
Nicholson-Cole, SRepresenting climate change futures: developing the use of images for visual ...Paper
Pauls, MHot at the South Pole?Paper
Pearson, SPerceptions of science in rural and urban communities using marketing tools as an...Paper
Pearson, GUsing drama to communicate sciencePaper
Phakisi, DScience communication in a diverse worldPaper
Phakisi, DInfusing science and technology from the ground up: A systematic approach applied...Paper
Pleasant, AIn Cipro we trust - Bacillus anthracis in the Unites StatesPaper
Pleasant, ASocial engagement with health research An outcome based assessment approachPaper
Plessis, MIndigenous knowledge systems and technologies among artisans in India and South...Paper
Pritchard, JWhat are the key elements for ensuring an effective materials awareness ...Paper
Röhm, DViews of distance education science students on the social responsibility of...Paper
Rifkin, W“How is Your Stomach”- Sharing Stories as a Form of Science CommunicationPaper
Rifkin, W'25 ways to spot an expert': How people decide who is worth listening to how people...Paper
Rijsdijk, CMarketing or communicating sciencePaper
Rochford, KTeaching science and technology using African and European illustrations drawn from...Paper
Rooyen, CAnalysis of science and technology reporting in the South African mediaPaper
Sadler, TBrighter future in mind for science education in AustraliaPaper
Sanden, MDevelopment in science communication the need for crossing borders of sciencesPaper
Shigeo, SBiographies of scientists to promote public interest in science and technologyPaper
Shoba, NMad about maths and science stepping the way for the futurePaper
Snijders, HScience communication, public understanding versus professional careersPaper
Strydom, WThe evolution of state-of-rivers reporting in South AfricaPaper
Taylor, SComputer literacy in the world of businessPaper
Taylor, PInnovations in Australian science educationPaper
Thomas, JSharing expertise the European Network of Science Communication Teachers (ENSCOT)Paper
Vail, MCommunicating BiotechnologyPaper
Väliverronen, ETransgenic futures narratives of the medicine cowPaper
Vidler, EIs there a mandate for science?: Examining science policy debates during a UK...Paper
Wet, PAgenda setting politics an analysis of main stream newspaper reports on HIVAidsPaper
Wilmot, BSasol SciFest promoting a ‘culture' of science in South Africa in a festivePaper
Wilson, KTelevision weathercasters as science communicators:An examination of the advantages...Paper
Winter, EPublic Communication of S&T:German and European perspectivesPaper
Woolley, MImpact of media-science roundtables and training programs for researchersPaper
Wright, JPondering a process approach to writing an action research projectPaper
Xiao, XThe Missionary Complex American perspective of China over a hundredPaper

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Holliman, R. (2004). Interpreting science news: media templates and scientific citizenship.
Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
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