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2004 – Barcelona, Spain   [182 papers presented]

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Acker, CLessons on PCST history injection drug use and constructions of riskPaper
Acosta, CPopularizing the history of scientific exchanges in the “Periphery”Paper
Adrover, TScience, journalists and mass press in the XXth centuryPaper
Aleixandre, JThe scientific community as a source of information about the prestigePaper
Allgaier, JRepresenting science education in the media:Newspaper coverage of evolutionary...Paper
Aquino, HDifferences in perceptions of agricultural biotechnology:A comparision study between...Paper
Argul, SScience on stage!Paper
Asfaha, YTranslating science for the illiterate:Journalistic efforts to provide health...Paper
Auweraert, ADimensions of science communicationPaper
Backhauss, MA popularization of science magazine for teenagerPaper
Barata, GA new concept of science journalism on debatePaper
Barbacci, SScience and theatre:A multifaceted relationship between pedagogical purpose and...Paper
Barbagallo, FUK GM dialogue: Separating social and scientific issuesPaper
Basart, JKnowledge from experimentation and knowledge from experiencePaper
Benevides, GAstronomy teaching at the high school level from a humanistic approachPaper
Biro, SJoaquin gallo:A mexican popularizer of astronomy(1914-1947)Paper
Borchelt, RScience information needs of U.S policy makersPaper
Boudourides, MFraming biotechnologies in GreecePaper
Bravo, SPrograms of social participation of the scientific observatory of the mediterranean...Paper
Broks, PConceptual space:A new understanding of popular sciencePaper
Bucchi, MCan gentics help us rethink communication?Public communication of science as a...Paper
Burnet, FUse of comedy to trigger discussion of hot science topicsPaper
Byers, HBringing bright minds back to science - The advanced study programPaper
Cabo, JSocial perception of the science and the technology in the city of MelillaPaper
Calder, NA hurricane of change redefining the goals of particle physics researchPaper
Calsamiglia, HScience in the press:Problems and possibilities of recontextualizationPaper
Calvó, X1905-2005: A celebration of Albert Einstein's "annus mirabilis"Paper
Campos, EInnovative culture in the science and technology system: The mixture of knowledge...Paper
Campos, EIntellectual capital of the social spaces: Cultural capital in the creation of...Paper
Cascais, FThe rhetoric of breakthroughs in the communication of biotechnosciencePaper
Cassany, DScience popularization practices from a linguistic point of viewPaper
Cassidy, APopular evolutionary psychology as public science and boundary workPaper
Castelfranchi, YToward a "palaeontology" of public representation of sciencePaper
Cáceres, JSant pau project:Urban knowledge park on health sciencesPaper
Cerroni, ABeliefs that differentiate,ideas that join:Paralleling discovery and communication...Paper
Chimal, CChallenging reason:How do you communicate science in a magic country like Mexico?Paper
Cho, SEnhancing science coverage by colaborating with newspaper companyPaper
Claessens, MBest practice in communication the results of European research to the publicPaper
Claessens, MPublic perception of science in eastern and central EuropePaper
Claessens, MScience,book and societyPaper
Conrad, PGenetics and behavior in the news:The fate of genetic optimismPaper
Conradie, EScience communication at higher education institutions:A relationship study between...Paper
Coronado, OUABDivulg@: A new channel to bring research to societyPaper
Coutinho, AAn experiment in two-way,direct communication between scientists and the public in...Paper
Dahinden, UFraming as a theory for the communication of science and technologyPaper
De Pasquale-Jacobsson, MOpening the black box: A cross-national survey of visitors at European research...Paper
de Paula Pacheco, HDiversity:The social inclusion and the paper of the institucional and marketing...Paper
Delicado, AScience in museums: Notes from a peripheral europeam countryPaper
Dias, MTraning scientists to communicate with lay audiences: Successes and limitations of a...Paper
Die, ANew ways of communication in popular science magazinesPaper
Dijk, TKnowledge,discourse and scientific communicationPaper
Dmitry, ENuclear energy in russian circunpolar north.Aspects of public communication of...Paper
Dook, JValue of industory links in new science communication degreesPaper
dos Santos Paes, CGenetically modified plants debate in the spainish press:Popularization or...Paper
Edwards, CThe UK gm debate: How to engage the public in science policy makingPaper
Elías, CHow public opinion could be manipulated through science on big ecological disadtersPaper
Emilia, BTalking with young people about genomics:New strategies for developing a science...Paper
Esquius, NSocial participation forums dealing with scientific and environmental...Paper
Estupinyà, PWhat issues of science do people prefer to watch on TV?Paper
Faceira, MIn the path of popular wisdomPaper
Fiskovica, AScience communication through socially constructed monologuePaper
Freeman, EDarwin centre live - Using live webcasts to create dialogue between natural history...Paper
Gale, CGlobalizing science communication training:Case study of the Stanford research...Paper
Gambarelli, LScience in court: Experts and advisers as postacademic science communicatorsPaper
Gil, XTraining science communicators in ColombiaPaper
Goepfert, WThe distorted view on science. On the weakness of journalism and the strength of...Paper
Gouveia, FContent and link network analysis of five science communication websites in Latin...Paper
Grant, LWhat is the impact of a science festival on its visitors?Paper
Grimstad, SPushing science to the public in the street at 63°N - A ten years' perspectivePaper
Gruzman, CReading and science program:Storytelling with the oswaldo cruz foundation's...Paper
Guerrero, RMisuse of science in advertisingPaper
Harvey, MThe democratisation of a 'scientific' decision: The 'GM nation?' experiment in the UKPaper
Heinrichs, HMedia communication on climate change and coastal protection: Reception and...Paper
Henderson, L“Egos and genomes”: An analysis of British media coverage of the human...Paper
Holliman, RInterpreting science news:Media templates and scientific citizenshipPaper
Islas, KVideo serie, “Les cares de la nostra ciencia”Paper
Izquierdo, MWater technologies in Mexico:Communication as an element of synchronicity berween...Paper
Jackson, JThe interaction collaboration the role of the world wide web in global physics...Paper
Jacquemyn, EStrategic partnerships between media and science centres:The flanders casePaper
Jaskowska, MScience,society and internet in Poland.What are doing polish science institutions...Paper
Jergovic, BThe impact of socio/cultural heritage on media perception of science in CroatiaPaper
Kim, HSouth Korean youths' impressions of the scientist:A national survey analysisPaper
Kirby, DScience consultants, fictional films, and the "war games effect”Paper
Koshiyama, AScientific journalism and citizenship rightsPaper
Kothari, AScience popularisation amongst children in earthquake affected areas of kutch...Paper
Kundra, RDevelopment of communication channels in Indian medicinePaper
L., FObservatory of woman and healthPaper
Lam, LWhy there are no professional popular science book authors in ChinaPaper
Lamberts, RMaximising social participation in science communication:Some lessons from...Paper
Lanza, TEnvironmentalists vs scientists:Two case studies in science communicationPaper
Lòpez, MDali and sciencePaper
León, BInformation on science in European television. A study of prime time news programmes.Paper
Lederbogen, UWhen science goes public on the web-An analysis of the online PR strategies of...Paper
Lehmkuhl, MScience reporting in the local press in GermanyPaper
LUKA, M‘MOTHEO’ IKS project: Promoting the status of indigenous knowledge...Paper
Macleimont, SScientific citizenship culture: A latinoamerican viewPaper
Malagrida, RExhibition to promote public participation in informed social debate on the use of...Paper
Margérard, ARadioscopy of the psychiatric speechPaper
Marina, BDemgraphy and mediaPaper
Mas, JCommunicating science to scholars through active participationPaper
Mas, JEuropean science weeks: From european perspective to local actionPaper
Mascarenhas, IWaking-up for science or keeping the converts awake?Paper
Massarani, LThe dynamic process of science communication history in BrazilPaper
Massarani, LPopular response to science and technology issues in Brazil:Consequences of the lack...Paper
Matsuura, JPublic perceptions of science, as reflected in the conduct of legal institutionsPaper
Müller, CBetween oral history and ict:Creating new spaces for social change in GhanaPaper
Medeiros, LCosmoeducation:The emerging alliance of astronomy teaching and transpersonal...Paper
Mejlgaard, NScientific citizenship:Danish citizens and biotechnologyPaper
Mellor, FThe place of polemic: The need for politically-engaged science communication researchPaper
Mena, JQuality criteria for science journalism:Sars as a case study to examine scientific...Paper
Mendes, MScientific popularization:A possible instrument of literacy in sciencePaper
Merton, ENo one is an island:Biotechnology researchers talk about communicatingPaper
Merzagora, MScience and society in european TV dramaPaper
Mesure, SA creative approach to science communication and educationPaper
Metcalfe, JThe science communication professional in AustraliaPaper
Meyer, HContributions and challenges of cultural diversity in public communication of sciencePaper
Mngomezulu, TCommunicating science and technology through a transport museum in South Africa's...Paper
Moutinho, APublic policies for scientific culture - When maturity brings about evaluationPaper
Negrete, AFact via fiction stories that communicate sciencePaper
Nelson, JFinding common languagePaper
Nielsen, KThe rise of science journalism in DenmarkPaper
Olivera, MScience popularization as a study subjectPaper
Olmo, SCultural diversity in scientific communication:English vs Spanish medical research...Paper
Ortega, OChildren 3d workshop:New technologies and iconography language in the creativity...Paper
Parsons, WScientists and politicians:The need to communication an update since PCST Geneva 2001Paper
Pascual, EThe Balearic Islands science fair: A new experience of scientific popularisationPaper
Patairiya, MDeveloping science writers and science journalists in Indian languages: A case studyPaper
Pesantez, MScience communication and social participation to communication science from the...Paper
Peters, HExpertise for the public: The science-journalism interface in German discourse on...Paper
Pilar, TScience and society:A dialogue for the futurePaper
Pitkin, CScience communication as community engagement:A case study in regional AustraliaPaper
Plows, A“Strange bedfellows and usual suspects": Mapping the emergent complexity of...Paper
Polo, MHow press coverage on transgenic food has evolved in Colombia?Paper
Pont, JPublic participation in climate change knowledge production.An assessment of...Paper
Poudrier, JDecolonizing the thrifty gene theoryPaper
Poupardin, EPopularization of economics through articles about"New Ecnomy" in french...Paper
Quintanilla, MBiotechnological culture in Spain: Situation and tendenciesPaper
Quintanilla, MNovatores: An integral project for science communicationPaper
Quintanilla, MPublic understanding, scientific culture perception and civic engagement indicatorsPaper
Régules, SArt and science at an exhibition:Mucn more than simply picturesPaper
Riedlinger, MIdentity and communication:Who collaborates in collaborative research?Paper
Rifkin, WWorldwide day in science-Students' snapshot on the webPaper
Roberts, RDesign of a study on the coverage of science news in Spanish-writing newspapers of...Paper
Roberts, MIncommensurate risks:Debates concerning genetic modification and cultural...Paper
Rodríguez, MH.G. Wells’ science fiction and science communicationPaper
Rooney, AScience and indigenous knowledge together onlinePaper
Rosal, AThe challenge of the regional government of Madrid:The science of citizensPaper
Rovira, SAn approach to the history of the main traditions of science popularisationPaper
Sabbatini, MDicyt:A proposal for regional science communicationPaper
Salarich, MDiffuse exhibition as a way of talking about science and environmental issues....Paper
Saleh, MCultural competence in genetics educationPaper
Sánchez, DThe public communication of science and the role of translation in the reproduction...Paper
Schwartz, BScience as performance:A proactive strategy to communication and educate through...Paper
Semir, DSpanish newspaper coverage of the topic "genetics": A seven-year longitudinal studyPaper
Sempere, MPersonal,professional profile,and motivations of scientists involved in PCST...Paper
Shoba, NThe value of idigenious knowledge and its relation to morden sciencePaper
Shore, JStrength in diversity - A new sport exhibition communicates science within a...Paper
Silva, MMedia coverage of human genetics in Spain:The case of EL PAÍS (1976-2002)Paper
Sousa, CWhen science communication sets the agenda for citizenshipPaper
Stewart, DCafe scientifique manchester:Seasoning a meal with sciencePaper
Stoops, SScientists@work, bringing youngsters in a biotech labPaper
Supakata, NTo develop the role of PCST researchers in creating strategic knowledge communities...Paper
Teixeira, LFrankenstein by Mary Shelley:Science,its myths and its monstersPaper
Thomas, JCommunicating concern via TV; Our view of naturePaper
Thomsen, PMaking sense:Communication through engagementPaper
Tinnaluck, YPCST enables indigenous rice varieties and the commercial ones to co-ecist:A case...Paper
Todt, OGenetic engineering and social debatePaper
Tramullas, TScience and society.Twelve cliche questions and forty-eight controversial answersPaper
Trindade, MPromoting science in developing countries - A young scientists' initiative in...Paper
Trueba, CIndigenous knowledge in science communication:Dilemma and perspectivesPaper
Tyagi, BS & T communicaition through puppetry - A case study(India)Paper
Vaccarezza, LArgentina's selling of a nuclear reactor to Australia. Scientific information and...Paper
Vaccarezza, LMeasuring public perception of science in Ibero America:The Ricyt/Oei's study and...Paper
Vargas, RScience on the summer holiday menuPaper
Verhoeven, PWhere has science gone? The mediazation of science on television between 1961 and 200...Paper
Watson, ALocal knowledge/global science?:Challenges to western geographies of expertisePaper
Weitkamp, EScience communication at the local level:An evaluation of local authority...Paper
Wet, GThe facilitating role of an itc centre for rural African women. An empowerment...Paper
Whitmarsh, LCommunicating climate change:Challenges posed by the divergence in lay and expert...Paper
Wieser, BCommunicating genetic engineering:New concepts for social participationPaper
Young, JPublic concerns towards gm foods are not driven solely by concerns about the...Paper
Zarzoso, AThe Catalonian museun of medical history and the promotion of scientific culturePaper

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Holliman, R. (2004). Interpreting science news: media templates and scientific citizenship.
Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
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