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2005 – Beijing, China   [52 papers presented]

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Author(s) Title Category
(SAST/SGNO), SMedium resources conformity and science popularization education for juvenilesPaper
Banerjee, SBA crest awards: Celebrating creativity in science and technologyPaper
Bisht, STools and approaches to community development: Pardyp network experiencesPaper
Boy, GMeeting the communication challenges of Philippines landcarePaper
Burnet, FGraphical sciencePaper
Burnet, FHot topicsPaper
Chavez, HCommunicating science to support conservation and use of agricultural biodiversity:...Paper
Cho, SInformed panel for life sciencePaper
Corbit, MScifair: A multi-user virtual environment for building science literacyPaper
Cormick, CUnderstanding drivers of community concerns about gene technologiesPaper
Dook, JUsing university students as knowledge brokers for university researchPaper
Fletcher, BAn evaluation of the effectiveness of the Questacon Smart Moves programmePaper
Gruber, SDemocracy on the movePaper
Hillier, NFinding common languagePaper
Kim, JScience classes at village officesPaper
Kirk, LCommunicating with generation YPaper
Ko, HStrategic issues in science communication to youth: Applications in biotechnology...Paper
Lam, LScience communication: What every scientist can do and a physicists' experiencePaper
Lamberts, RScience communication for scientists: Experiences from AustraliaPaper
Li, JCommunity libraries: The unbarriered communication of sciencePaper
Li, CThe communication of healthy vegetable techniquesPaper
Lindgren, MCommunicating Nobel Prizes: Nobel posters in physics and chemistryPaper
Liu, NHow teenagers participate in activities of scientific inventionPaper
Maeda, YDevelopment of public understanding of science and technology (PUST) in Japan...Paper
Massarani, LGenetically modified organisms and Brazilian newspapersPaper
Mendizábal, VA contextual approach as a method to promote debate and social engagement in science...Paper
Mulder, HScience shops as unversity-community interfaces: An interactive approach in science...Paper
Nilsson, PThe use of scientific toys as a means to stimulate interest and understanding in...Paper
Ostermann, CScience and democracyPaper
Ou, MAn exemplary base of rural popular science is the effective method of spreading...Paper
Ouyang, JThe big hand that peels off the apple skin for the little ants: A case study of...Paper
Patairiya, MScience communication through cultural events: A success story from IndiaPaper
Phillips, TA case study of citizen sciencePaper
Pitkin, CA more participative approach to science communication: Case studies from regional...Paper
Riise, JThinking about arenasPaper
Roland, MREFLEXIVES ® As transaction spaces for improved communication among disciplines...Paper
Schuurbiers, DImagine... Sharing ideas in the life sciencesPaper
Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, 2049 Shanghai pilot projectPaper
Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Construction of electronic popular science gallery in ShanghaiPaper
Song, JToward a network of local community, university and government: Reflections from a...Paper
Taladrid, RScience popularization on TV in a third world countryPaper
Tinnaluck, YImproving indigo dyed textile: A community-oriented communication to successPaper
Wang, SA case of scientific & technological communication and theoretical discussionPaper
Wang, YCultivate peasant's scientific interest with the actual effect, improve peasant's...Paper
Xiao, YVirtual science museums of China: A successful practice of internet-based science...Paper
Yang, YCommunication system of science and technology in local communityPaper
Yang, LThe role chinese scientists play in influencing public attitudes towards panda bear...Paper
Yao, JAbility interacting & resource sharing case of “Practicing Project of Popular...Paper
Ye, HCase study: Shanghai Xuhui district famous popular science experts series workroomPaper
Ye, RCitizens’ popular science tour: A happy approach to sciencePaper
Zhang, YCommunicating environmental protection and sustainable development ideas among...Paper
Zhou, LCultivating teenager’s understanding of magnetic suspensionPaper

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Holliman, R. (2004). Interpreting science news: media templates and scientific citizenship.
Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
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