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2006 – Seoul, Korea   [234 papers presented]

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Agata, HScience as a culture, and an introduction to new Public Understanding of Research...Paper
Ahn, YThe Korean type large-scale astrofestPaper
Allgaier, JAnalysing the production of UK newspaper coverage:The case of evolution/creationismPaper
Argandoña, GThe dark side of the universe: Fostering the dialogue between ancient andean...Paper
Azevedo, JScience on TV: Assessing effects of different mediation processesPaper
B. T, FImpacts of tradition on science development in NigeriaPaper
Badar, TScience communication:Key to bridge urban rural divide Indian subcontinentPaper
Bak, HPublic controversy over science & technology and PCSTPaper
Barata, GThe first decade of aids in brazil: TV presents a new disease to the publicPaper
Bates, EYoung investigator award -no jargon science excellencePaper
Bauer, MTowards post-industrial public engagement with science : Revisiting a 10-year old hyp...Paper
Bianucci, MExporting and adapting science communication models in foreign countriesPaper
Bisht, SUseing traditional knowldge with science:A “pardyp” network experiences...Paper
Boccato, CResearch on new methods and languages for public communication of astrophysics at...Paper
Borchelt, RPublic engagement on emerging technologies:The genetics town hall modelPaper
Bos, MA new framework for interactivity: Making research on interactive communication more...Paper
Brake, M“The only green solution”: Science, mass media & the uk energy debatePaper
Brennan, MScientists as citizens: Talking issues versus talking sciencePaper
Bucchi, MBefore and after science: science and technology in pop music, 1970-1990Paper
Bucchi, MWhen media stardom and scientific stardom combine: Nobel laureates in the Italia...Paper
Bunders, JA two sided communication approach for science and technology policy research: The...Paper
Chabata, JCommunicating thew eather in the face of shifting climate and land tenure...Paper
Chabay, IFinding a needle in a haystack:Facilitating web-based searches for educational...Paper
Chabay, IA new center for public learning and understanding of science(cplus) in swedenPaper
Chen, JScientific culture communication of the national scientific research in stitutions...Paper
Cho, SEffects of mass media in science communication : in case of social controversies...Paper
Cho, SDiffusion of science through community science class in daegu and gyeongbuk in koreaPaper
Cho, HThe understanding and the attitude of the korean people for the science and...Paper
Choi, J"Mobile Science Lab” for communicating science and technology with teenagersPaper
Choi, JThe role of local autonomous entities in developing the science culture (the...Paper
Choi, JThe types of physical environments for fostering creativity at natural history...Paper
Choi, DA reconsidering of communication looking through the interaction between science...Paper
Choil, JPulic understanding of science and scientists:The losses and gains from Hwang...Paper
Choudhury, SScientific culture-a challenge for developmentPaper
Choudhury, SLung function parameters of bangladeshi people in different living conditionsPaper
Chung, YDeveopment of the index of effective safety in nuclear domain of KoreaPaper
Chung, HScience education focused on experience through YSC(young science club)Paper
Claessens, MThe ‘european research area’ as a challenge to science communicationPaper
Coll, SI want to be a science communicator: a 10 years training experience in science...Paper
Corbit, MStudent project virtual worlds as windows on scientific cultures in CTC scifairPaper
Cormick, CCloning goes to the moviesPaper
Coutinho, APromoting dialogue around developments in stem cell researchPaper
D, SBiotech, public opinion and the popular press: Frankenstein's copycat soldiers at...Paper
Díaz, LCommunicating science for everyonePaper
Dimopoulos, KTextual analysis of a science center: expressive modes and positioning implicationsPaper
Einsiedel, EThe stem cell controversy and the role of scientific journals and the media in the...Paper
Evans, GThe picture library – Building the first bridge between science and the...Paper
Fleetwood, AScience on the webPaper
Fog, LThe use of information about health research results in ColombiaPaper
Frazer, CWhen education prevents the uptake of science:The case of childhood immunisation in...Paper
Fukushi, TEthical consideration of neuroscience:Neuroethics and its perspectivePaper
Futaki, MDo you trust wikipedia?--reliability and acceptance of web resources on science and...Paper
Gary, CKids university ViennaCchildren squestions to sciencePaper
Gascoigne, TWorking collaboratively: The case for the humanities, arts and social sciences to...Paper
Göpfert, WEntertaining science on TVPaper
Ghim, ZEinstein and theory of relativity in Korea during the 1920sPaper
Gu, YPatternsand linkages of scientific contribution and communication to know ledge...Paper
Gyungsoo, WOn the special science class program of science and culture city, ChangwonPaper
Ha, KBusan campaign for promotion of scientific awareness in youthPaper
Han, JSemiotics of chemistry postersPaper
Han, JInterplay of gesture and speech in science explorationPaper
Han, CScientific units found in school textbooks and everyday lifePaper
Hathayatham, AGovernment officers and the public awareness of science in Thailand: a case study on...Paper
Hessler, GThe informed practitioner:Communication between social scientists and practionersPaper
Higashijima, JOpinions of life scientists on science communication in japanPaper
Holliman, RInvisible witnesses? – representations of women scientists,engineers and...Paper
Hong, JAnalysis of students' understanding of digestive organs through students centered...Paper
Hong, JMaking newspapers in biology class-case study on an activity-based biology classPaper
Hong, OCommunication in science centersasseen through context diagram of learning...Paper
Hsu, JNurturing the scientific leaders of tomorrow: engaging the youth of todayPaper
Hwang, SCommunicating science and technology in the making: a case study of “mania...Paper
Hyun, oWhat made korean stuents score high in the international comparison studies?Paper
Indarto, ASharing (scientific ) information to the public through new spapers:is it necessary...Paper
Ishimura, G‘Sapporo Science Map’ Project to connect ‘science’ and...Paper
Itoh, MProposals for interactive communication based on the historical analysis of Japanese...Paper
Jaastrup, MHow do news media best contribute to scientific literacy?Paper
Jasinski, AInfrastructure of scientific and technological knowledge flows in society: Polish exp...Paper
Jeon, GThe development of exhibition themes and the display techniques of cutting edge...Paper
Jergovic, BAtale of two missions:UK newspaper reporting of the beagle 2 and cassini/huygen...Paper
Jun, BBioethical debates on embryonic stem cell research in Korean newspapersPaper
Jung, SScientific truth and communication as political culture: From a perspective of...Paper
Juraku, KSocial decision making process for siting of nuclear power plants in JapanPaper
Jurdant, BThe use of fiction for presenting science to the publicPaper
Kang, SRecent sea level rise in the east/Japan seaPaper
Kang, HScientists and technologists of North Korea rushed into the public as the...Paper
KASUGA, SScience communication in university education -Its significance and difficulties in...Paper
Kato, KGenome research and communication with the public in JapanPaper
Kim, JNetworks for women in science and technology in KoreaPaper
Kim, SPlan for management and growth of Gwangju regional sciencecenterPaper
Kim, MOperation and prospect of “women’s sceince class in daily life”...Paper
Kim, WScience communicational activities in Korea from the year 2000 to 2005Paper
Kim, JA study on science communicationPaper
Kim, CEducationally meaningful communication in Natural History MuseumsPaper
Kim, JIn quiry into pest through a study on process of change ann settlement of scientific...Paper
Kim, DActivity trends of communicating with nature innational science museum of Korea: A...Paper
Kim, KThe factorsaffecting the professional development of beginning teachers:Comparative...Paper
Klein, AArt about science: An innovative use of art and technology for science educationPaper
Ko, HThe impact of tissue engineering on the high-tech societyPaper
Koolstra, CThrough which medium should science information professionals communicate with the...Paper
Koolstra, CThe development of a new objective instrument to measure different levels of...Paper
Kothari, ANet working at all levels for global problem solvingPaper
Kothari, KPcst in the world and in AsiaPaper
Kramer, FThe scientist as a global citizenPaper
Kumamoto, KMaking communicator through the production of science radioPaper
Kweon, SFraming of science news:The patterns of news coverage of biotechnological issuesPaper
Kwon, SThe scientific culture propagation for the public: A case study on Kigam Geologicla...Paper
Kye, YRelationship between mathem atics and visualart from aperspective of chaos theoryPaper
Lam, LThe two cultures and the real worldPaper
Lanza, TGlobal warming between science and fictionPaper
León, BScience newsin European television.A study of quantity, airtime, agenda and...Paper
Lee, KManagement of regional scienceclassesPaper
Lee, DEstimation of design wave height and coastal defense:Consideration of global...Paper
Lee, JAnalysis of the ‘informed consent’ as a merging point between the...Paper
Lee, SAcase study on dyadic inter action in Natural History MuseumPaper
Lee, MApproaching for korean history of science at elementary education in koreaPaper
Lee, SThe history and the present status of korean amateur astronomical groupsPaper
Lee, YWomen and invention : Infusing modern functional elements into traditional Korean...Paper
Lee, ESocial construction of “avoidance of s&t” and the Korean scientific...Paper
Leem, SScience museums for adults: To make pcst more seriousPaper
Lewenstein, BMedia and scientific citizenship:Exploring media effects on feelings of efficacy for...Paper
Li, JTv science programs in transitional period in China a case study: “scientific...Paper
Li, MA language’s learning and communication can influenceman’s life and...Paper
Li, LCommunity club of scientific topics for the youngPaper
Li, ZThe obstaclesin the science education for the youth in ChinaPaper
Lim, SThe importance of scientific communication and the role of the pressPaper
LIU, BThe debate about “reverence for nature”in 2005 and it’ s meanings...Paper
Losh, SGenerational and educational effects on basic U.S. adult civic science literacyPaper
Madsen, CScience on stage – towards a rejuvenated science teaching in EuropePaper
Maeseele, PA reconceptualization of science & technology in a highly mediatized & democratized...Paper
Manzoli, FChildren’s perceptions of science and scientists a case study based on...Paper
Mao, fAdolescent science museums influence on biono my educationPaper
Margérard, AAn analytical panorama of the functions of psychiatry communicationPaper
Marin, FThe discrete choice analysis as a valuable tool for estimating consumer attitudes...Paper
Martinelli, L“Eco-Friendly” genes: From scientific research to risk management,...Paper
Masataka, WOn Japan’s ways of science communicationPaper
Massarani, LTeaching PCST: providing global professional development opportunities that...Paper
Massarani, LBrazilllian surveys of public engagement with science and technology:From 1987 to 200...Paper
Merlino, SEscientlal i.f. project: truning laborator ies/exhibitions presented at the genova...Paper
Merzagora, MScirab: science in radio broadcastingPaper
Metcalfe, JJournalists’ attitudes to scientistsPaper
Mikami, NScience cafe as an incubator of science communicators: challenges of CoSTEPPaper
Mima, NMaking a bridge between scientists and public: providing a venue for live-talk for...Paper
Min, MKorean women' experiences with science activities and their needs for science...Paper
Min, JFostering the science communication to the public through the nist-wist science...Paper
Mirón, CIt influences of mass media in the concept of biotechnology showed by the teachers...Paper
Miura, HIntroduction to the 4-dimensional digital universePaper
Mizushima, NThe gap between sexworkers’ needs and information provided by medical...Paper
Moreira, ICommunicating science and technology in Brazil: recent actions and attempts for...Paper
Mulder, HImpartial scientific advice for citizen participation in decision making processesPaper
Mun, MScience program for groups of mothers and their childrenPaper
Nagami, FInteractive events related to the latest research achievements: closing the gap...Paper
Namba, MHands-on traning of science writing: challenges of CoSTEPPaper
Nautiyal, CNatural and unnaturalevents: Effective tools to enhance scientific temperamentPaper
Negrete, AWhat makes a story an interesting way to communicate sciencePaper
Neresini, FEve’s sons. the debate on human cloning in the Italian press after...Paper
Ogawa, YA training program for science communicators in collaboration with universities and...Paper
Oh, HWomen’s network for science & engineering in Gwangju-JeonnamPaper
Oh, KDevelopment of teaching-learning materials for the field experience activity at ...Paper
Owen, SCommunicating science to secondary school students with the creativeand perform...Paper
Park, KKigam's experience towards the public: ”Guidebook of geological tour in Jeju...Paper
Park, YThe opportunity of scientific argumentation in the classroom: claim-evidence approachPaper
Park, JGenealogy of the korean nationalism in science and technologyPaper
Patairiya, MScience communication in South Asia: Challenges and prospectsPaper
Patairiya, MScientific temper and conflict managementPaper
Pérez, NConstructing stereotypes concerning gender and health in the mass mediaPaper
Pei, GPresent situation and the future: analysis of China’s science newspapersPaper
Pellegrini, GPublic participation and the governance of innovation: evaluation of procedures for...Paper
Permatasari, DDeveloping public awareness of science in IndonesiaPaper
Peters, H'Information transfer', 'translation' or what? A constructivist contribution to the...Paper
Pitrelli, NScientists’ view about communication in the Italian contextPaper
Plessis, HAn epistem ological understanding of PUSPaper
Polino, CNew tools and directions toward a better understanding of social perception of...Paper
Rahman, LCommunication to solverem ote areas’ problems in Bangladesh through em power...Paper
Rho, SThe analysis of science and technology articles appeared in new year the analysis of...Paper
Ricdlinger, MArts-science collaborations:An identity perspectivePaper
Rifkin, WThe world-wide day in science continues to growPaper
Riise, JThe importance of the placePaper
Rodari, PBeautiful guides - The role of professional explainers and young scientists in...Paper
Roedder, SThe mediability of genomes a story from the “book of life”Paper
Roland, MTo connect to citizens, researchers must rethink their research practicesPaper
Rovira, SThe reception of the anglo-saxon methods of scientific journalism in the periphery:...Paper
Sahoo, SPeople’s science movement in late xxth century India presented at the 9th...Paper
Sakura, OFrom contents to context: current status, classification, and perspective of...Paper
Sato, YScience and technology delivery: science education on the movePaper
Schmitz, MThe leading part of scientific knowledge in the formation of the pre-scholars...Paper
Schwartz, BInforming the citizenry and students through public outreach programs making use of...Paper
Seo, JSelf-directed learning through mobile learning in secondary science educationPaper
Shang, YCafé scientifique: a successful model of science communication from west to ChinaPaper
Shin, MFor better public understanding : what makes people stay in museums ?Paper
Shukla, RPublic understanding of science and technology: results from first India science...Paper
Singh, SCo-existence of traditional and scientific cultures: an empirical study during Kumbh ...Paper
Sjönell, YCommunication of science enabling societal effectivenessPaper
Son, YAn analysis of secondary school teacheres' professionalism for teaching...Paper
Song, JHumanizing science with context: some context-rich approaches to teaching physicsPaper
Song, HReporting on bioscience in the German mass mediaPaper
Sporea, DCommunicating science and technology in romanian schools – the...Paper
Sturloni, GScience communication after September 11Paper
Sugiyama, SEducation program on pcst: communicators in science and technology education program...Paper
Sumida, TThe first half year of the science interpreter training program at the university of...Paper
Supakata, NThe role of Buddhist Monk in local development: science communication from thai...Paper
Teixeira, CScientific culture in iberoamerica- the experience of lim a (peru)seminar:scientific...Paper
Teth-uthapak, S"Science media focus” with a touch of thai culture"Paper
Thomas, SMaking playful learning visiblePaper
Tinnaluck, YOpening dialogue between tradition and science: “science and society” in...Paper
Trench, BScience communication and citizen science: how dead is the deficit model?Paper
Tsoi, MUsing hybrid learning model to ehance public’s scientific literacyPaper
Tyagi, BConceptual frame work and parallel approach of pcst – an indian experiencePaper
Tydén, TResearch on science communication – the swedish case. paper to PCST-9Paper
Ueda, ATowards practical utilization of expert knowledge by ordinal citizensPaper
Uematsu, YHow to design science communication via www?: Interaction between virtual ...Paper
van der Sanden, MDesigning science communication processes: Bridging the gap between theory and...Paper
Venkateswaran, TCommunicating science and communicating about science – an content analysis...Paper
Venkateswaran, TChintham aniragoonathachary and secularisation of timeduring the latenin Eighteenth...Paper
Verstraeten, HScience, media, and the public sphere: a media sociological perspective.Paper
Wada, YWhen traditional culture meets modern science and technologyPaper
Wibeck, VCommunication of scientific information in the assessment of environmental goal...Paper
Wijayanti, VStem cell scandal potrayals in South Korean major newspapers: a qualitative and...Paper
Won, JBeing a science communicator in the science Korea programPaper
Xiong, L879-bioethics and media responsibilityPaper
Yamamoto, HOutreach activities for school education by science museumPaper
Yamashina, NRequired skills and training program for science communicatorsPaper
Yang, JA unique platform for science and culture communication – the museumPaper
Yang, JTechnical task force: a pilot project of agricultural science communication in ChinaPaper
Yeo, SA comparison study on illustrations of elementary science textbooks in Korea and USAPaper
Yi, SScientific research as value-laden activity: the case of nt stem-cell research in...Paper
Yin, LSome characteristics of public communication of science and technology in CHINAPaper
Yoon, HThe nature of science drama in science educationPaper
Yun, JComparative analysis of science knowledge and attitudes between Koreans and...Paper
ZENG, GTwo puzzles of late developer countries entering globalization of science...Paper
Zethraeus, TScientific expertise on demandPaper
Zhao, FA comparative study of hepatitis b reporting by Chinese and US mediaPaper
zhong, QThe important role of popularization of science and technology of enterprises in...Paper
Zhu, XA new communication model for popularization of science today: concerning the...Paper
Zweekhorst, MInnovations for sustainable development: the need for knowledge sharingPaper

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Holliman, R. (2004). Interpreting science news: media templates and scientific citizenship.
Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
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