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2008 – Malmo, Sweden   [315 papers presented]

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Abma, AScience Advisors: on the optimal role of science communication in strategic decision...Paper
Adamsone‐Fiskovica, APublic communication of science in Latvia: A historical reviewPaper
Alcock, DFacebook: Science meets social networkingPaper
Appiah, BBridging the gap between the pharmacist and the public via tv: My experience with...Paper
Arboleda, TDevelopment of a public communication of science and technology training program:...Paper
Arcand, KNon-traditional presentations of astronomical images to the general publicPaper
Arenas, DThe vulnerable groups attention, a compromise of the science centers to building...Paper
Argandona, GA global strategy to inspire the public and scientists: the ALMA casePaper
Arita‐Kikutani, HColoring in pictures at science museum: Facilitating sensitivity toward science in a...Paper
Askwall, CPublic engagement through science dialoguePaper
Athrayil, JResearch and development in children's creative science literature: The kerala storyPaper
Attari, MA look on the status of HPE(history, philosophy and ethics of science) education in...Paper
Attari, MAssessing the problem of rotation of earth around sun as a significant tool for...Paper
Bal, IImpact on the actors of science shop workPaper
Balvert, FScience communication for the general public: Starting from scratchPaper
Bandyopadhyay, PCommunicating science to the masses: Audiovisual medium and low-cost experiments...Paper
Barata, GBrazilian scientists’ perceptions on publishing papers in the journals Nature...Paper
Barbosa Silva, E"Love me, love me not: Biotechonology and contemporanity" - Thresholds in art and...Paper
Bassett, DScientific perspectives on social and ethical issues related to nanotechnologyPaper
Bauer, MChanges in adult literacy, attitudes and interest in science: A cohort analysis acros...Paper
Benacchio, L"Moon Eclipse 2.0": Show me your eclipse!Paper
Bengtsson, AConceptions held by Physicists about knowledge transmition and acquisition from...Paper
Beyer, MMuseums as enhancers for local scientific knowledgePaper
Bille, DScience Theatre: Experience from communication of stem cell research to the publicPaper
Billings, LEmpowering scientists and citizens through participation in space explorationPaper
Boerner, FStory framing effects on lay risk and benefit evaluations of toxicogenomicsPaper
Bogaert, IBridging applied science communication and education: A maritime case studyPaper
Bonanni, ANutrition and health: Information sources used by General Practitioners and...Paper
Bonmati Recolons, BScience culture dissemination through reading clubs: The case of Barcelona librariesPaper
Borlido-Santos, JBeyond the "classroom pet" : laboratory rats as science facilitatorsPaper
Borlido‐Santos, JA case‐study on public health and scientific knowledge interchangePaper
Brunelli, GLessons learning. Drawing the stakeholders' interactions on communication of riskPaper
Bucchi, MEvaluating public engagement in science: Why, How, And For Whom?Paper
Bucchi, MFrom deficit to dialogue, from dialogue to participation - and beyond?Paper
Burchardt, JBarriers to open access — why all quality research is not available on the...Paper
Bustos, TContributions to the enhancing of a non formal education proposal in science and...Paper
Candy, SFocusing and targeting public engagement ‐ building an evidence basePaper
Carrillo-Trueba, CAsymmetries and symmetries in science communicationPaper
Carvalho, ATwo decades of media coverage of climate change: How has it changed?Paper
Cassidy, A"So what do you mean by 'risk', anyway?" Stakeholder knowledge of UK Food Chain RisksPaper
Cazaux, DUniversities and the dissemination of knowledge generated by themPaper
Cerini, BHeroes in Science – public image, inspiration and impact.Paper
Cerroni, AScientism and antiscience: Out of the shoal of modern ideologiesPaper
Chalkley, MCSIROpod -how science podcasts became a number 1 hit on iTunesPaper
Chauhan, SScience Communication through ICT with special reference to Women's EmpowermentPaper
Chen, WScience communication education in Chinese colleges & universitiesPaper
Chen, WOn China school education on science communication majorPaper
Chinsamy-Turan, APopular science writing: Dinosaurs of AfricaPaper
Cho, EA community outreach plan for a techno‐industrial parkPaper
Cho, SAn investigation of ambivalent public attitudes toward a major scientific/industrial...Paper
Christensen, DResearch communication ‐the succesful way to recruit students?Paper
Claessens, MEuropean trends and challenges in science journalismPaper
Cormick, C2007 -the year everything changed. Public attitudes towards biotechnologyPaper
Cortassa, CPromoting good epistemic practices. Public Communication of Science and Technology...Paper
Coulter, LGlobal Carbon Project communications: Agents of disseminationPaper
Cruz, JSucsynth: A method of succesive syntheses for science journalists to approach peer...Paper
Danø, RDoes interactivity equal activity and good museum experiences ?Paper
de Oliveira, JScience communication expertise in the knowledge society: An exploration of blog...Paper
Declan, FHow can dialogue and debate feature in science communication training?Paper
Degnbol, DStakeholder perceptions of the use and abuse of quantitative models in fisheriesPaper
Delfanti, A"What Dr. Venter did on his holidays": The Sorcerer II and the public communication...Paper
Desnoyers, LAnalysing visual presentations under PowerPointPaper
Desnoyers, LTraining future scientists for conference presentationsPaper
Dijkstra, AParticipation of the public in gene researchPaper
Ding, JResearch on the construction of agricultural science and technology agency service...Paper
Donegan, SEureka a primary school science magazinePaper
Dook, JBecoming work‐ready: Practicum experiences of science communication studentsPaper
Dumitrescu, AThe European social model: A bridge between science and societyPaper
Edwall, CNew media channels for science and education – what are the best channels for...Paper
Elam, MNuclear waste dialogues in Sweden and the UK: Making publics differentlyPaper
Enoh, NRoral communicators and information dissemination (over coming poverty through...Paper
Enrique, CBeliefs about transgenic foods among Austrian en Spanish studentsPaper
Erazo Pesántez, MInfluence of migration on the scientific and technological development of...Paper
Eriksson, TNew media channels for science and education – what are the best channels for...Paper
Erlemann, MTalking about sustainability: Food and flood coverage in the Austrian mediaPaper
Evans, GFrom Earth to the Universe - an image exhibition for the WorldPaper
Faceira, MMain caracteristics of documentaries for spreading scientific knowledgePaper
Filipponi, LCommunicating nanotechnology: Opportunities and challengesPaper
Fleetwood, AThe Planet:A succesful communication campaignPaper
Fletcher, ABio-bricks or bio-conflicts: Building public trust in governance of synthetic biologyPaper
Fonseca, RAstronomy in popular newspapers in the end of the XXth century.Paper
Ford, JEducating both higher degree students and the public through 'live to air' radio...Paper
Fors, VYou cannot contribute to a ready-made world -lessons learnt from a study of...Paper
Fukushi, TPublic engagement in neuroscience and cohort studies for children in JapanPaper
Funke, NChallenges of communicating science to politicians: An example from South AfricaPaper
Gascoigne, THow scientists try to influence the decisions of GovernmentPaper
Geerts, EParticipation in a government funded Science Week and Science Festival: The do's and...Paper
Gerdes, AThe Significance of marine technology in science communication and...Paper
Gertiser, ABlockbusters at school: Film as didactic medium in science educationPaper
González, AScientific outreach from the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias.Paper
Gouveia, FSite co-citation analysis of a set of Ecsite science centres and museums websites:An...Paper
Gunnarsson, AChrister Fuglesang as the first Swede in space – the making of a public...Paper
Hamlett, PThe first national citizens' technology forum on converging technologies and human...Paper
Han, HCommunication methods transition of sexual knowledge in Chinese youthPaper
Hansen, SScience research narratives on stage ‐why is it interesting?Paper
Hartshorn, KImpacts of lifecourse research on the people, policies and press of New ZealandPaper
Hartshorn, KNational Identity as a tool to facilitate engagement and empowerment of scientists,...Paper
Hellsten, IPopular metaphors of science and technology: Building bridges over time?Paper
Hermann, JSome principles of science communication to be derived from William James'...Paper
Hermansson, KSwedes' confidence in research decreasingPaper
Hestvik, HMiracle or hazard? A quantitative content analysis of Norwegian newspapers coverage...Paper
Hoermann, BUpstream engagement and nanotechnologyPaper
Holliman, RPractitioner perspectives on science outreach and public engagement: A focus group...Paper
Holmberg, GA study of the distributed computing community Folding@homePaper
Holmes, JCommunicating environmental science in EuropePaper
Horst, MCommunicating social science dialogically: An installation about the public debate...Paper
Horvath, AYoung scientists (scholars) and secondary school teenagers (students) Ingredients...Paper
Hu, JPromoting the role of Chinese scientific researchers in science popularization...Paper
Huang, XChina's space science popularization in the era of space exploration feverPaper
Hyldgård, PParticipation of young readers in on‐line science journalismPaper
Ideland, MMass medial silences on biotechnologiesPaper
Idowu, OTraditional birth home attendance and its implication for malaria control during...Paper
Jarh, ODays of science in technical museum of SloveniaPaper
Jasinski, AMarketing communication as a tool of better communication bwtween science and societyPaper
Jasinski, ABridges for communication between science and industry: The case-study of PolandPaper
Jørgensen, MConflicts between researcher and participants in interactive researchPaper
Jensz, FRadical approach to science communication: Survey resultsPaper
Jergovic, BEvolution of the popularization of evolution: Insight into the Croatian popular...Paper
Jia, HScience, propaganda and mass media: From statistical to qualitative analysis of...Paper
Jia, HScience, publicity and mass media: From statistical to qualitative analysis of...Paper
Johansson, BPopular science pocket books on controversial subjectsPaper
Jonsson, HHow to reach your stakeholdersPaper
Junyent, MDid it work? Evaluation studies in non curricular educational activitiesPaper
Jurdant, BShould science transform itself and how ? The reflexive move in sciencePaper
KarIspat, BDeveloping scientific outlook among students and rural population -a case studyPaper
Kim, DThe power of well-trained intelligencePaper
Kirk, LImproving Science Communication Project ManagementPaper
Kirk, LCapacity building needs for pacific non government organisationsPaper
Klein, AGraphic Alert: An international overview of HIV/AIDS postersPaper
Komarov, SThe development of the communication system between science and society in RussiaPaper
Kothari, AGo to the People ‐An innovative approach for science communication in IndiaPaper
Koulaidis, VThe relationship between universities and local communities: A study of S&T...Paper
Kull, FSweden ScienceNet (SSN)Paper
Kwon, EA study of the evaluation of scientific culture activity ‐ from the view of...Paper
Lamberts, REngaging Visions: Art, science communication, and natural resource management in...Paper
Lanza, TTracking myths to earth educationPaper
Larsen, MPhysical methods applied in mathematicsPaper
Larsson, AMedical messages in the media - reliable information or science for sale?Paper
Lau, SScience performance and considering the contextPaper
Lazzaretto, EUrania: Science is on the air, on the web and on your ipod!Paper
Lönn, MHigher Education and cooperation with the surrounding society – a follow up...Paper
Leach, JTheories of value in science communicationPaper
Leon, BTelling stories about science:The case study of scientific television documentary in...Paper
Levi, RImproving medical reporting through stepwise critical analysisPaper
Lezaun, JPublic deliberation, law and adversarialismPaper
Li, LTo be the responsible future global citizens:Communicating climate change issues...Paper
Linke, SScientists in the public sphere: Motivations and barriers for scientists to engage...Paper
Longnecker, NA snapshot of science communicators in AustraliaPaper
Lozano, MBuilding communities through a web sitePaper
Madslund, HStress: An excellent example of practical science communicationPaper
Maeseele, PHow? Like that! Science on television ?!Paper
Maeseele, PBiotechnology and the popular press in Northern Belgium: A case study of hegemonic...Paper
Maeseele, PNGOs and GMOs: A case study in alternative public communication of science and...Paper
Magana, PA science communication experience in the National University of MexicoPaper
Magna, LPublic perceptions of cloning and stem cells: Values, information and attitudesPaper
Mahony, CPotentials for implementing the democratic model of science communicationPaper
Malaspina, MThere's plenty of rock at the bottom: Science journalism in the SimpsonsPaper
Manzoli, FGapp: Science &Technology professions and gender differences in EuropePaper
Marin, FCitizens' concerns and informed choices on novel food: Outcomes from a study of the...Paper
Mariscal, LThe importance of discourse analysis in the popular sciencePaper
Martinelli, LViews of the researchers and claims of the society: Gene transfer into plants as a...Paper
Massarani, LThe GM crops: What Brazilian small farmers think about the issue?Paper
Mazzonetto, MScience on TV: Environment as speculation and health as ordinary newsPaper
Mellor, FTechnological salvation: Geo‐engineering in the British mediaPaper
Mendizabal, VBuilding bridges between science education and science communication: A new context...Paper
Menegazzi, CItinerant exhibition for scientific communication about animals and plants as way of...Paper
Merzagora, MStereotyping stereotypes: Reviewing the image of science and scientists on screen.Paper
Mesure, SThe CreScENDO report (Networking and joining up of science and engineering...Paper
Metcalfe, JSocial indicators of river health inform biophysical outcomesPaper
Miah, AUpstream public engagement, ethics and web 2.0Paper
Mikelenaite, JEvaluating an importance of science in local society: Does scientific communication...Paper
Miller, JGutenberg Revisited: A comprehensive analysis of the use of traditional and new...Paper
Min, JIncreasing the Participation of Science Communicators through the NIS-WIST programPaper
Miyake, SSustainable community development to promote science communication for the public in...Paper
Mun, MCollaboration of university and junior‐high school for girl‐friendly...Paper
Munteanu, AMibilising Convergence:The affect‐heuristic factor and the cognitive bias of...Paper
Murphy, PComparative framing of reproductive / genetic technologies and nanotechnologies in...Paper
Mwale, PSome dynamics of public debate on GM maize in southern Africa(1997-2007)Paper
Nachtmannova, MFrom "Science AND Society" to "Science IN Society": Opportunities and threats in...Paper
Naik-Satam, SPublic appreciation of science & technologyPaper
Nakamura, OThe study of Japanese newspaper articles in reporting science projectsPaper
Nakane, KVerification of media reports on nuclear power ‐ a case study of reporting of...Paper
Nørgaard, BScience theatre ‐ A way to increase public understanding and posibility for at...Paper
Negrete, APopular comic strips as a tool to communicate hiv medical informationPaper
Nepote, JScience's pleasure trough narrativePaper
Nepote, JScientific Museology as a pedagogical toolPaper
Neresini, FScience: How is who does it? Social representations of scientists in Italian young...Paper
Neresini, FIs there any specificity in evaluating PCST initiatives ?Paper
Nidkarni, NPrisons, pulpits, and poets: Disseminating research beyond academiaPaper
Niels, MIndicators of Scientific Citizenship and Civic ParticipationPaper
Nielsen, KVisual framing of nanotechnology in newspapersPaper
Nielsen, KScientists’ understanding of public communication of science and technologyPaper
Nilu, HPublic perception of climate change and role of mass media in IndiaPaper
Norberg, ADigital learning objects in biohydrometallurgy in the EC FP6 BioMinE project: Wikis,...Paper
Nordström, MArt and science in collaborationPaper
O'Hara, KSingle sources: The use of the press release in medical science and health news...Paper
O'Hara, KThe role of the press release in medical science reportingPaper
O'Neill, SAn iconic approach to communicating climate changePaper
Ogawa, YDevelopment of an educational program framework for science museum to nurture public...Paper
Ohashi, SHow to design effective website for the science communication?Paper
Ojagh, ZRigorous approach of mass science communication for promoting of PCSTPaper
Ojagh, ZThe function of science communication in science policy making: Promoting of public...Paper
Oliveira, BHow does the history of Science get into the museums?Paper
Olivera, MPseudoscience vs. social welfare: Public communication of science as a vaccinePaper
Olsson, EGlobal problem ‐ National responsibility: Framing responsibility in the...Paper
Ouyang, JScience news reporting in Chinese newspapers: A case study of Southern WeekendPaper
Parbring, BBetween research, politics and public opinion -the case of gender research...Paper
Park, HWomen and science together!Paper
Patairiya, MPublic understanding of "Science & Technology Communication" : Experiences from...Paper
Pauleanu, DMobilising Convergence: The affect heuristic factor and the cognitive bias of...Paper
Paya, AReligion beliefs and popularization of science and technologyPaper
Paya, AFutures Studies and Public Communication of Science in IranPaper
PELLAUD, FScientific tales and their use in science communicationPaper
Pellegrini, GFrom listening to communicating. Introducing a technoscientific innovation for...Paper
Pellizzoni, LOpinion and inquiry in science and technology deliberation.:Insights from two...Paper
Permatasari, DUsing traditional comedy theatre as a media for science communicationPaper
Phakisi, DInfusion of Science and Technology from ground up: 11 year empowerment experience acc...Paper
Phillips, SScience communication: How a lifestyle magazine is leading the chargePaper
Phillips, LIn the tension between conflict and consensus in dialogic communication theory and...Paper
Phondke, GScience communication in multilingual societyPaper
Pitrelli, NDiscourse collision: the failure of the Superconducting Super Collider and the...Paper
Pleasant, AScared off spinach? An analysis of selected print media coverage of the Spinach/E. co...Paper
Pleasant, AAdvancing health literacy: An applied approach to making meaningPaper
Plesner, UThe blurred position of the social scientist :How researchers, editors and...Paper
Plessis, HCommunicatiing TechnologyPaper
Polino, CHow Argentine people perceive nuclear riskPaper
Poothanayil, JStorytelling: A creative classroom tool in science communication.Paper
Proulx, GConnecting with a range of stakeholders through the study of "interpretive...Paper
Qi, ZCase study on science education of Chinese natural science museumsPaper
Ramani, DMapping science communication activities in ItalyPaper
Ratinckx, EScience communication by the media in FlandersPaper
Rönnbäck, AThe result center for product realisation research: Evaluation of a five‐yearâ...Paper
Regules, SScience onstage: Good ideas and not so good ideasPaper
Reid, JFishman of SE Australia. An Oral/Visual WorkPaper
Ren, FProblems in science popularization towards chinese rural area and the countermeasure...Paper
Riboli‐Sasco, LScience communication as a tool to for social cohesion and for intercultural dialoguePaper
Riedlinger, MSituating science in the social context with cross‐sectoral collaborationPaper
Robberstad, YLook!Paper
Rodriguez, ENuclear terrorism risk in the media: Public perception and responsePaper
Rubí, AExhibits design and production and the scientist compromisePaper
Ruiz, CUniversum science museum: A welcoming place for all kinds of peoplePaper
Russo, PCommunicating astronomy and planetary sciencesPaper
Sabbatini, MFolk communication: Contribution of a the Latin American communication theory to the...Paper
Sakura, OThe outreach activities for the 10th anniversary of Brain Research Institute (BSI),...Paper
Sandrelli, SScience for art's sake: Mixing the two culturesPaper
Sandström, MBeyond the "cool stuff": Science blogging as a democratic toolPaper
Santamaría, GSciece Fair "The Ilusions of the Brain", Barcelona 28th October 2007: An example of...Paper
Sar, LInteractive learning: Bridging different knowledge systemsPaper
Saviane, CBrains in dialogue: Brain science at the service of European citizensPaper
Söderqvist, TScience blogging between Empire and MultitudePaper
Schmid, CDNA‐TEST: DNA travelling exhibition and science theatrePaper
Schwanbom, GThe Linnaeus Tower: Underwater conference centre for marine climate issuesPaper
Schwartz, BBeing opportunistic in bringing science to the general public: The medium is opera,...Paper
Scott, CSkypecasting SciencePaper
Serrano, XCulture, popularization and appropriation for a society of knowledge in ColombiaPaper
Shimabayashi, YAttitudes of researchers toward explaining to the public about their research resultsPaper
SHIMIZU, KSome findings of the Secondary Analysis of the surveys on Japanese Public...Paper
Simone, AScientific communication in the Italian Parliament: The case study of the living...Paper
Simone, AOnce upon a time there was dissemination. The climate among scientists and...Paper
Sjøberg, SInterests, attitudes and perceptions of science and technology: A possible...Paper
Smith, CInvolving the public in research funding decisionsPaper
SONDA, GThe impact of politics on scientific researchPaper
Soneryd, LThe spread of ideas and the travel of public deliberation methodsPaper
Ssempa, NScience and Technology for improved LivelihoodPaper
Stöhr, CScience communication among stakeholders in the Baltic Seas Fisheries Governance...Paper
Steffensen, MDeeper than light - communicating an unknown worldPaper
Stepanova, OMoleClues: The success of involving of young people into molecular sciencePaper
Strydom, WRiver conservation -effectiveness of State-of-Rivers communication material in...Paper
Sturloni, GThe role of risk communication in the Italian debate on the national deposit for...Paper
Sturloni, GTowards new theoretical models for risk communicationPaper
Sturzenegger‐Varvayanis, SHow university scientists view science communication to the publicPaper
Sutton, CFree public access to scientific articles: Costs & benefits, opportunities & barriersPaper
Svabo, CPortable artefacts mediate meaningPaper
Szerszynski, BEngagement and purification: Locating the public in GM Nation?Paper
Taguenca, JThe impact of the media in acceptance of new biotecnologías by young university...Paper
Tamura, LALS science highlights: A leveraged approachPaper
Tayanagi, EExploring organizational scicence communication: A case of governmental ICT research...Paper
Taylor, MFraming climate change: 20 years in AustraliaPaper
Taylor‐Gee, AThe community x‐change: Are policy‐makers interested in public...Paper
Thomas, JUsing open source material for science communicationPaper
Tola, ESocial media and blogs: Is there an impact on science journalism and communication?Paper
Trench, BWhat can science communication theory say to practice?Paper
Tyagi, BFun with plants in soilless condition: A hands‐on experiencePaper
Tydén, TResearch funding agencies as enforcers and facilitators for science communicationPaper
Uchio, YThe issue on providing the scientific information to the public from the science...Paper
Van Der Ploeg, YScientific mentoring and communication : Closing the bridge between the laboratory...Paper
Van der Sanden, MMaking science communication manageablePaper
Vargas-Parada, LScience communication between scientists: The SARS casePaper
Verhoeff, RFinding common ground for public dialogue on cancer genomics researchPaper
Vesali, MIran survey report of popularization of science Agencies and activitiesPaper
Voetmann, CEuroPhysicsFun -A network of physics shows from all over Europe.Paper
Voss, MDoes science communication achieve its goals?Paper
Wald, AScience for society ‐ knowledge dissemination and utilisationPaper
Wang, JRelevance of science communication to migrant workers in urban ChinaPaper
Watzke, MCommunicating the High-Energy Universe through ChandraPaper
Wehrmann, CMastering science communicationPaper
Weitkamp, EFacilitating discussion about genetic testing with secondary school studentsPaper
Weitkamp, EStakeholders' mixed messages on climate changePaper
Weitkamp, EMediating consultation: Private sector consultancies engagement in Local Air Quality...Paper
Whitelegg, EInvestigating gendered media representations of science, technology, engineering &...Paper
Whitmarsh, LUncertainty, scepticism and ambivalence in public understanding of climate changePaper
Wigren, CParticipation in communication and cooperation by Swedish academicsPaper
WOO, GOn the regional science and culture popularization programs of Changwon National...Paper
Xu, QThe reported situation of Science‐Technical news of newspapers in China in 2006Paper
Yamamoto, HNew training program for science teachers by interactive communicationPaper
Yamashina, NThe role and prospect of science museum as meeting placePaper
Yan, YA brief introduction to scientific and educational channels of ChinaPaper
Yoon, HCollaboration of university and local governments to implant scientific cultures in...Paper
Yoshinaga, DThe Emperor of Japan as science communicatorPaper
Zelmanovitch, NPublic outreach with a telescope under construction: Tools and meansPaper
Zeng, GLiving science and public scientific literacyPaper
Zhang, ZScience communication between ‘Empire’ and ‘multitude’Paper
Zhang, FThe high-tech development and social fairnessPaper
Zhang, YThe improvements of Chinese scientific and technological magazines in the period of...Paper
Zhu, XThe evaluation of scientist in popularization of science todayPaper

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Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
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