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2010 – New Delhi, India   [321 papers presented]

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Allgaier, JNeuroscientists’ perceptions of public representations of science: A...Paper
Anand, SScience comics in India as a pedagogical medium: A foresightPaper
Ankit, ADaisy communication of scientific fact through advertisements in Indian mediaPaper
Arora, ATurning digital divide into digital opportunity-A critical analysisPaper
Arul Aram, IIndian media coverage of climate change: A studyPaper
Arya, UCoverage of research news in Indian newspapersPaper
B., GScience communication through science fiction:Opportunities, challenges and perilsPaper
Bakker, EOptimizing a context-based science communication course for science PhD studentsPaper
Balakrishnan, AEffective utilization of technological development:Opportunities & Challenges for...Paper
Balvert, FH5N1– the evolution of an influenza virus’ :A study into the effects...Paper
Bansal, ASecond name of life is organic foodPaper
Baram-Tsabari, AThe impact of training on scientists' view of, and skills in science communicationPaper
Barpujari, IFrom ‘Understanding’ to ‘Engagement’: The road ahead for...Paper
Basu, TScience communication in West Bengal: Role of mass mediaPaper
Bauer, MShifts in science culture? The science culture index for Europe 1989 to 2005Paper
Bharali, BTrends in climate change coverage in India: A case study of three leading national...Paper
Bhardwaj, SEco-friendly management of phytopathogenic fungiPaper
Bille, DScience theatre:Obesity and diabetesPaper
Bizzocchi, FAre new media used to boost social appropriation in Latin American countries?Paper
Brian Trench, CTalking science and listening: Science communication training for dialogue and debatePaper
Broman, LPublic understanding of renewable energy PUREPaper
Bucchi, M(Scientists in popular culture: Between stereotypes and celebrities): Science...Paper
Bucchi, MStar-system and long tails: Contradictory or complementary trends in science...Paper
Buckler, CAugmenting and sustaining informal science education: A project for professional...Paper
Bultitude, KNational strategies for science communication: Comparing international approachesPaper
Burchardt, JCan independent and qualified science communication survive in a time dominated by...Paper
Bute, SReporting science and technology in print and electronic mediaPaper
C., YAn extended weighted classification technique using emerging patterns and feature...Paper
Cabello, PCommunicating science via art installationsPaper
Cai, WA study on applying knowledge management to improve the effects of communication of...Paper
Cakmakci, GDeveloping scientific literacy among student teachers: Using media reports of...Paper
Carvalho, LRETINA :Science communication for blind studentsPaper
Castellanos, PScientific heritage and cultural identity: A mission supported by ICTs and schoolPaper
Castro, SPromoting science through Facebook: Characterization of an audience and interactionsPaper
Chakrabarti, BReaching the people through science communication by bridging the gap between the...Paper
Chatterjee, IMuseums for biodiversity conservation and environment educationPaper
Chauhan, NCommunication errors in transferring scientific information from English to HindiPaper
Cheila, AWorkshop science, politics and the media: An initiative to trigger science in the...Paper
Chen, CEffectiveness of participatory approaches for science communication strategies: A...Paper
Chen, HQuantitative indicator design of science popularization performance of science...Paper
Chen, CEffects of newspapers in education (NIE) intervention with news Rreports about...Paper
Chen, JStudy about “Pseudo-science on mass media”Paper
Chen, LStudy of the education environment factors affecting the creative imagination of...Paper
Chermokina, REfficacy of using drama techniques for science communicationPaper
Chiappe, DRisk communication, media discourse, influenza A/H1N1,ArgentinaPaper
Chowdhury, PSpectroscopy in UV-VISand IR region in different environmentPaper
Claessens, MSymposium: Communicating climate change in the media With lessons from...Paper
Cormick, CEngaging with audiences who are unengaged on sciencePaper
Cormick, CWhat drives climate change ‘Drifters’Paper
Correas, ASummer scientists campus: Science as the basis of change in the current economic...Paper
D., JScience communication through radioPaper
De, gRole of science centers & science museumsPaper
Devi, NGreen alternatives for malaria control and integrated pest managementPaper
Dheepanraj, TA study on uses of ICT in the agriculture field in Tiruchirappalli districtPaper
Dijkstra, AOpinions about nanotechnology in Dutch science cafés: A qualitative and...Paper
Dobhal, REntrepreneurship development programme through Science & Technology: A case study of...Paper
dos Santos, MSaúde, educação, cidadania, jornalismo cientifico, popularização da...Paper
Dutta, AScience communication education in North East IndiaPaper
Enrique, CUniversity to the city: Science goes outPaper
Entradas, MPreaching to the converted? An analysis of the UK public for space explorationPaper
Fahy, DHawking, Dawkins and Greenfield: Case studies of the celebrity scientistPaper
Farooqui, AScience-philately-a tool for science communication without frontiers: India’s...Paper
Fatesingh, HA comparative study on coverage of climate change in national and regional newspapersPaper
Fleury, JImpact on policy through science journalism–evaluating SjCOOP, a capacity...Paper
Freire, AScience for children: A case study in two Brazilian newspapersPaper
Gan, XCurrent status and the future of Chinese science museums websites:A conclusion...Paper
Gangopadhyay, DImpact of public communication of science and technology on the Indian...Paper
Gao, HSummary of the eighth science literacy survey in ChinaPaper
García, CCitizen's agenda of science and innovation: An innovative scientific communication...Paper
Garg, AMeasuring noise levels in DelhiPaper
Garg, APromoting science at school level through hands-on experimentsPaper
Geerts, ECommunicating about space: The final frontier?Paper
Ghosh, PScience museums as facilitators for linking science with societyPaper
Godin, LScience communication & media in India in the 21st centuryPaper
Gondwe, MAfrican science heroesPaper
Grand, AMuddying the waters or clearing the stream? Open science as a communication mediumPaper
Grünert, SArts based science communication approaches to create awarenessPaper
Hao, QMobile technology application in science and technologyPaper
Hashimoto, YDevelopment of interactive science communication lecture for university studentsPaper
Heward, AEuroplanet nodes:Promoting planetary science across European bordersPaper
Hiray, ACelebration of Ganesh festival: Environmental issues in the state of Maharashtra,...Paper
Hiremath, SImparting artificial insemination technique and pregnancy diagnosis to DCS staff:A...Paper
Ho, SUnderstanding the roles of value predispositions, mass media, and cognitive...Paper
Holliman, RDigital scholarship and the changing nature of scientific publication: The...Paper
Holliman, RImagining scientists: Exploring stereotypical representations of scientists in...Paper
Hong, CDo science communication university programs equip students to become professionals?...Paper
Hu, BResearch on audience’s information behavior of science communicationPaper
Hunt, NThe use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a tool to advance...Paper
Hunter-Hüsselmann, MScience communication as an integral part of effective research management in higher...Paper
Husher, KAccountability in science outreach: Aligning impact evaluation with objectives in...Paper
Iyamperumal, PPioneering science communication endeavours of tamilnadu science and technology...Paper
J., BBiosense project as a dialogical modelPaper
Jana, ARole of hands-on activities in science communicationPaper
Jasinski, APublic relations as an important tool of science communication with society: The...Paper
Jayabrabu, RReducing digital divide using data mining techniques for better e-governancePaper
Jeba, JScience and technology journalism to enlighten the society:Efficacy of e-magazine in...Paper
Jogi, JResearcher or attention grabber?Is intellectual property a means to communicate...Paper
Jolly, MCatching them young: Inspiring budding researchers for better science communicationPaper
Jurdant, BScience, politics and the media: The climategate disputes in FrancePaper
K, RA museum for understanding biodiversity: The calicut initiativePaper
K, RRole of museums in science communication with special reference to Nehru science...Paper
Kala, LCommunication hierarchy analysis and decision making in science and technology...Paper
Kalra, HProblems in using CITs for science communication in less developed countries: A...Paper
Kang, KThe analysis of social and cultural factors in science communicationPaper
Kant, ABCDI–communicating bamboo science and technologiesPaper
Karamanidou, CScience and technology in TV: The cases of Greece and CyprusPaper
Kase, INETA-science: Scientific knowledge without requiring the correctness --Implication...Paper
Kasetwar, NStudy of the communication methodology for aadhaar and issues in it’s...Paper
Kaur, GPublic engagement on environment and government: A case study of national...Paper
Kesavan, LEffectiveness of animated science cartoon among lay audience and educated people-A...Paper
Khan, NTechnological temperament v/s scientific temperament: And effect on our environmentPaper
Khan, SScience communication through geospatial technologies and mass media in IndiaPaper
Khanal, PWhat’s so exciting about PCST?Paper
Kim, DS&T culture activities for knowledge based industrial societyPaper
Kim, DScience, emotion and objectivityPaper
Kirsur, MSERI– information kiosks– science communication and beyondPaper
Kulkarni, UCommunication of literature in chemical sciences to researchers from research...Paper
Kulkarni, UPostal stamps: A novel approach for public communication of science and technologyPaper
kumar, SScientific temper, science communication and print mediaPaper
Kumar, PUse of statistical information by Indian journalists: An analysis of articles on...Paper
Kumar, MCoverage of Science & Technology in Indian newspapers: A content analysis approachPaper
Kumar, SDeveloping countries and information deficiencyPaper
Kumar, AInformation, communication technology in agricultural research at DIPA portalPaper
Kweon, A comparative study on the frame of the science news about novel swine-origin...Paper
Lakshmikantha, NGender attitudes and health: Communicating health among young girls using channels...Paper
Lanza, TGeophysics on stage: Bringing earth into scene the INGV science theatre experiencesPaper
Lapuente, IEngaging users in science and technology exhibition codesign online and offline:The...Paper
León, BTranslation of scientific concepts in the media: A study of information on climate...Paper
Lee, HMentoring network model and evaluation schemePaper
Letierce, JUsing social media to spread science and to engage readers in conversationPaper
Li, XThe analysis study of Chinese public attitudes towards science and technology from...Paper
Li, MA general research about the role of science center and science museum:From the...Paper
LI, DThe role of Chinese scientists in science communicationPaper
Li, XThoughts on problems on the boundary of science communication:From several examples...Paper
Li, HResearch on public science literacy in Xiaoguan communities,Chaoyang, BeijingPaper
Li, MA general research about the role of science center and science museum—from...Paper
Liao, HThe role of the internet in science communication:Case study of China’s...Paper
Liu, YConstructive study on equilibrium model of science communication:A case from China...Paper
Liu, BEnvironmental aesthetics and environmental education in China: Status in quo,...Paper
Liu, LAgenda setting process in China’s science popularization policy:A case study...Paper
Long, JStudy on the strategies for science museums to develop the public’ s...Paper
Luque, CProposals for societal dialogue framing the controversy: The case of stem cell...Paper
Mabel, MCSCs towards e-villagesPaper
Magnusson, KThe lack of public engagement with nanotechnologies in Finland: The deficit model in...Paper
Majumdar, PScience coverage in regional newspaper: A case study of two newspapers from north...Paper
Malik, RBirds eye view of science communicationPaper
Mallika, RA new data mining model for cancer classification with minimum gene featuresPaper
Manickam, PMetaphor as a medium of electronic communicationPaper
Markan, CE-validate: A case study on building remote triggered laboratoriesPaper
Marques, JIntellectual property on knowledge based content: Challenges to science communicationPaper
Massarani, LBrazilian PUS surveys 2010, 2005 and 1987: Change and stability in questions and...Paper
Matuck, AEwriting netbred processes challenging intellectual property theories and statutesPaper
Mazzonetto, MScientific conversations outside science programmes contexts:A case study analysisPaper
McKenzie, MValues and evaluation: Leximancer as a tool for analysing values in science...Paper
McKenzie, MValues and evaluation: Observations of emergent engagementPaper
McKinnon, MMotivator, supporter, trainer: Science centres and their role with primary school...Paper
Medeiros, FSpreading news or panic? A study case on Brazilian TV coverage of a (H1N1) 2009...Paper
Metcalfe, JFarmers drive their own climate change communicationPaper
Mishra, AInnovative SF and mythology mix to communicate S&T to Indian massesPaper
Mishra, RScience communication through entertainment media :(In the context of science...Paper
Mishra, PA comprehensive survey on frequent pattern mining from web LogsPaper
Mohan (Mohan Sanjeevan), KScience communication by dialogue through mass mediaPaper
Mohapatra, ASocio-cultural cognition as a moderator of science communication in IndiaPaper
More, NCommunication for proactive environmental education: Towards sustainabilityPaper
Moreira, IPublic perception of S&T and public policies for science communication in BrazilPaper
Murugan, CInformation Seeking Behaviour of Tapioca (Cassava) Growers in Salem DistrictPaper
Murugan, GAdaptations for climate change and coastal disasters using information and...Paper
Nagami, FHow can Academic professional communities contribute public relations of science?Paper
Nagasree, KICT mediated knowledge share centres for localized extension services in rainfed...Paper
Naik-Satam, SRelevance of outreach activities in planetariumPaper
Nandan, MSaranjamshala–CSIR rural technologies galleryPaper
Nandi, KRole of demonstrations for effective communication Of chemistry and green chemistry...Paper
Narasimhan, MScience communication in the context of scientific literacy: A case study of...Paper
Navaraj, PMother tongue is the best tool for communicating sciencePaper
Navaraj, PScience center as tool for communicating science in India–A reviewPaper
Ngcoza, KLearning science in interactive ways at the uMthatha science festival: Beyond the...Paper
Nirmala, KIEC: A study from the science communication prespectivePaper
Nyakatya, MBiodiversity conservation academy: Inspiring South African undergraduate science...Paper
O’Hara, KMentoring as a model for professional development of science journalism networks in...Paper
Ogawa, YDevelopment of an educational program framework for science museum to foster public...Paper
Olényi, SGreen biotechnology and genetically modified food:Perception and attitudes of...Paper
Olofsdotter, BCreate your own sustainable city:SymbioCity scenariosPaper
Onifade, DBuilding networks better science journalism in AfricaPaper
Ou, YDual identifications of science centre: Research and practice in ChinaPaper
Padhy, MScientific communication practices for sustainable development: A participatory...Paper
Pandey, RHow to communicate a micro propagation technology?Paper
Pandey, GRole of alternative media in developing environment awareness among university...Paper
Pasotti, JLooking for a media skill course recipe?Paper
Patairiya, MRisk communication in India: Emerging perspectivePaper
Pellegrini, GInvolving experts and citizens on climate change debate:The European project accentPaper
Peng, CWhat is science museum? - Case studies on Chinese science and technology museumPaper
Perera, SFrom public awareness to public understanding of science: A modelPaper
Permatasari, DScience quiz on TV: An interactive approach to promote science to elementary school...Paper
Petersen, JResearch communication in a young university: Cooperation between the university...Paper
Pinner, RThe uses of drama as a teaching strategyPaper
Plessis, HSocial agency, justice and transformation in the quest for a globally representative...Paper
Pottakkal, JClimate change–a reality or myth: Communications that CountPaper
Prabhakar, AScience communication through community science centersPaper
Prabhakaran, PClimate change induced coastal disasters and mass mediaPaper
Prakash, KScience communication through mass media: Coverage of science in tamil satellite...Paper
Prapanch, CCommunity radio as a tool for science communication: Special references to Holy...Paper
Purohit, RLearning science in informal environmentsPaper
Rai, DNeed of comprehensive approach to trained science journalistPaper
Rajan, MWhy INO progress is slow? A case studyPaper
Raksha, eLearning in era of communicationPaper
Ramaniand, DNeuroscience: Experience of an interdisciplinary dialoguePaper
Ramya, KLearning mathematics through video games: A study among school childrenPaper
Rao, VSchool and children as a media to educate the public about sciencePaper
Rao, AUnderstanding snake-bites and soil salinity–science communication over...Paper
Rao, KMedical science communication emerging challenges:A studyPaper
Rathore, ACarrier of science communicators in India: Present & FuturePaper
Rathore, SEffectiveness of science communication vis-a-vis evaluating the various interventionsPaper
Rathore, SScience education and advertisementsPaper
Raul, MLearning mathematics through origamiPaper
Ravuther, MScience communication through mass mediaPaper
Ray, AScience communication through Doordarshan with special reference to Doordarshan...Paper
Reddy, BExperiences of Jana Vignana Vedika in communication of science and technology among...Paper
Remiro, GEvolution of the public understanding of science in Spain in the first decade of the...Paper
Ren, FChina popularization of science and technology infrastructure development and trendsPaper
Ren, FConstruction of PUS index in China:An empirical study on the database of China 2010...Paper
Rifkin, WPreparing citizen scientists: Engaging through interactive mediaPaper
Rocks, CNew frontiers in science communication: Researchers’ experiences of coming...Paper
Russo, P2009–The international year of astronomy: How did it go and what did we learn?Paper
Sachdeva, NFundamental rights encompassing science journalismPaper
Sahoo, SPublic engagement with nanotechnology: Initiatives, strategies and challengesPaper
Sahoo, NGujarat science city: Cultivating scientific creativity in the communityPaper
Sahoo, SScientific citizens:Understanding science movements and democratization in IndiaPaper
Saito, KThe interrelation between university’s public relations and science...Paper
Salazar, EA proposal for an intercultural science communication model to democratize sciencePaper
Salisbury, JArt and science: A powerful partnership for climate change communicationPaper
Salisbury, JChanging the climate through art and science communicationPaper
Salunke, SConstructive framework for effective science communicationPaper
Sampath, KCommunity participation in ecoschools for sustainable environment from cuddalore...Paper
Sampson, LCommunication of science and technology as an instrument for social inclusionPaper
Sanden, MAnalysis of doctoral research in science communicationPaper
Sanden, MDecision modeling in science communicationPaper
Santhanakrishnan, JTaking science to common people:A technology approachPaper
Sanyal, SA novel web based effort for sharing of scientific ideas and resultsPaper
Sarma, BRole of media in effective communication for energy conservation: A case study of...Paper
Sarmah, JPopularising E-Governance for developmentPaper
Saxena, PCommunicating bioinformaticsPaper
Schwartz, BUpdate on communicating science to the public through the performing artsPaper
Seth, SScienfotainment: Popularising science through entertainmentPaper
Shanmugam, SAnalytical study on theories and models of science communication for developmentPaper
Sharif, AScience in advertisementsPaper
Sharma, PConservation governance and policy monitoring of ecologically and economically...Paper
Sharma, SMaking ‘ science of nutrition’ ‘ food for thought’ and...Paper
Sharma, APeople’ s perception of public participation in regulatory decision making:...Paper
Sharma, AScience communication in an applied R&D institutePaper
Sharma, MA wireless sensor network simulator: WishPaper
Sharmila, KMobile phone mediated learning among the students of Bharathidasan University: A...Paper
Shi, SA national policy on science popularization of tremendous weightPaper
Shukla, RLiteracy and attitudes measure in the context of India's youth readership survey 2009Paper
Singh, AAn analysis of message diffusion within the blog community in India:...Paper
Singh, AThe craft of effective science communication: Methods,practices and modelsPaper
Singh, GCommunicating science: Through mass media to massesPaper
Singh, AWhy communicate research to the public?Paper
Singh, PModern and ancient sciences to go hand in handPaper
Singh, JScience communication for the rural people: A surveyPaper
Singh, YScience communication through mass media in mother tonguePaper
Singh, AScientific awareness: Challenges and opportunities for linguo-socio-culturally...Paper
Singh, AA study of science news reading habitsPaper
Smallman, MAn assessment of lessons learned in the communication and dissemination of emerging...Paper
Sompongpun, SCommunicating science with respect for water culture: A case study on Thai and Laos...Paper
Sonavane, VRelations of food habits and skin diseases: EczemaPaper
Srivastava, PCan science education be made a joy? The answer is scientoonicsPaper
Sturloni, GRitual models of risk communicationPaper
Sullivan, MChoosing effective frames to communicate animal welfare issuesPaper
Sundriyal, MScience news coverage and its impact on readers: A study of science popularization...Paper
T G, SScience blogs in regional languages: An analysisPaper
Tan, YMedia and science communication creating science opinion leaders:A case study of...Paper
Teixeira, CPerception of coordinators of graduate programs in public health about public...Paper
Thangaraj, KScience and technology communication through community radioPaper
Thostrup, LClimate change as stop-motion filmsPaper
Torasia, SMultipronged approach for popularization of science and technology among the publicPaper
Torasia, SMultipronged approach for popularization of science and technology among the publicPaper
Torasia, SA national channel devoted for science communication (NCSC):Need of the dayPaper
Trivedi, TKnowledge investment in agriculture through mass media resourcesPaper
Uchida, MMaking the most of other cultures–Attract people’s attention by...Paper
Ulrike, FCommunicating science–making Europe: A critical analysis of two decades of...Paper
Uniyal, DScience communication an important tool for science popularization: A case study of...Paper
Usmanova, GChallenges in implementing the electronic patient record in the context of...Paper
Vadhera, SDesign implementation and performance comparison of ZCC code and MDW code for 10Gbps...Paper
Villegas, GPride and prejudice: Science communication from within a science institutePaper
Vyas, PReviewing science education reforms and science literacy for allPaper
Vyas, VEmerging trends of media in alteration of mind set for the attitudinally rational...Paper
Waarlo, AFormal and informal learning on socioscientific issues:What science education...Paper
Walker, GScience theatre: A novel tool for HIV interventions in South AfricaPaper
Wang, JThe interactive platform of science communication in science centerPaper
Wang, SDiscussion on the social role of China science and technology museumPaper
Wang, SDiscussion on the social role of science and technology museumPaper
Wang, DScience popularization of grass-root NPOPaper
Wang, CLazy expertise vs. lay expertise: The construction and bias of China’s health...Paper
Wang, YScience blogs in China: Exploring in the forefront of promoting public understanding...Paper
Wang, LStudy on the relationship between school students’ creative imagination and...Paper
Watanabe, MNew wine must be put into new wineskins:The new key word “Science...Paper
Wehrmann, CAll sorts of job titles, but what do you actually do?Profiles of science...Paper
Wehrmann, CScience communication professional profiles as a starting point to develop science...Paper
Wei, MThe content and frame of news overage about global warming in TaiwanPaper
Wenzhou, ZOn the children’s science communicationPaper
Wibeck, VCommunicating climate change through interactive dome visualization–...Paper
Wiener, CLooking at communicating science for ecosystem-based managementPaper
Xu, HScientists and popular science books:The role of scientists in science popularizationPaper
Yadav, VScience museums as a communication means in India: A case studyPaper
Yamamoto, HExecution of workshop form training program for science communicatorsPaper
Yang, LThe effects assessment of “the project on science popularization benefiting...Paper
Yin, LLooking into the theoretical development of science popularization studies in ChinaPaper
Yoshida, F“Stars of Asia” projectPaper
Yuan, NVirtual and substantial vectors in science and technology museum:—Comparison...Paper
Yun, AA research on the methodology of contents planning for science exhibition as a way...Paper
Zhang, FThe assessment of science popularization in ChinaPaper
Zhang, CA model research on public channels for S&T information in ChinaPaper
Zhang, YSocial education policy of the Beijing regime of the Republic of China (1912-1928)Paper
Zhang, ZA model of evaluation on Large-scale science communication eventsPaper
Zhang, HA study on the correlation between school students’ creative imagination and...Paper
Zhao, YGlobal and local knowledge shown in science and technology museum–practice in...Paper
Zhao, AA discussion on the plateau pattern of reformPaper
Zheng, NOn the social responsibility of science popularizationPaper
Zhou, IThe benefit of volunteering service in science communicationPaper
Zhou, YThe classics of science in P. R. ChinaPaper
Zhu, XA study on science popularization work in community from view of “Last...Paper

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Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
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