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2016 – Istanbul, Turkey   [373 papers presented]

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Alamsyah, PA content analysis of Twitter updates of public research institute in IndonesiaPoster
Allgaier, JScience on YouTube: What do people find when they are searching for climate science...Paper
Amelung, NQuestioning scripts of science communication: What science? Which public(s)?Panel
Amorim, LWalk Again Project: a case-study of Brazilian media coveragePaper
Amorim, LContributions of literary journalism to science journalism: a case study of a...Paper
Arboleda , TTrends in the Measurement and Evaluation of Social Appropriation of Science and...Poster
Arboleda , TDesign of a Battery of Indicators of Social Appropriation of Science and Technology...Paper
Arends, ECase Study: Building a Physics Institute’s Outreach Programme from ScratchPoster
Armon, RHow the science-media gap is managed in practice? The use of news interviews in...Workshop
Armon, RCrossing the boundary while sustain the borderline: The story-worlds of scientific...Paper
Asakly, DCharacteristics of an authentic scientific discourse in social networks: The case of...Paper
Atkinson, DControversy Inside Out: Museum Visitors' Experiences in a Provocative ExhibitPoster
Autzen, CFive ways to sell the tsetse fly: How both science and institutions are sold in...Paper
Azevedo Rodrigues, LUrban Geology and Paleontology – examples and opportunities in Science CentresPoster
Özdoğan Özbal, EScience Centers and Operations in TurkeyPoster
Bañuelos Cedano, MA Sight of the Life Molecule Poster
BALAZS, B Science cafe in a digital ageWorkshop
Balli, EMitigating school dropout with sciencePaper
Baram-Tsabari, AWhat are we trying to teach? A conceptually based approach to science communication...Paper
Barata, GScience communication impact on journals visibility in BrazilPaper
Barel-Ben David, YConsolidated vs. fragile science communication culture: a comparison of science...Paper
Bauer, MAttitudes to science EAST and WEST – structures and changes in the long runPanel
Becerikli, SPerception and Practices of Turkish Journalists on Science, Technology and...Panel
Bennàssar-Roig, ADevelopment of communication skills by editing a popular science magazine: The case...Poster
Bering, JScientists Behaving BadlyPaper
Bezerra, RScientific literacy in non-formal environments for Brazilian elementary students...Poster
Binneman, AThe quality of science communication, in South Africa, through the media 2014 to 2015Poster
Bizerra, AConservation discourse in zoosPoster
Bohlin, GEvolving germs - Communicating evolution through animations of antibiotic resistancePaper
Boklage, EDealing with scientific uncertainty: coverage of antibiotic resistance in the German ...Paper
Bonfil Olivera, MScience, art and culture: not only social appropriationPaper
Bonilla, A“A Ciencia Cierta”: Public participation for sciencePaper
Boran, MWhat Lies Beneath: Exploring the Comment Section as a Space for Public Engagement...Panel
Boran, MTowards Participatory Science JournalismPaper
Botelho, JAre science blogs facing extinction?Panel
Botelho, JBiological scientific illustration: a career on the makingPoster
Boulila, MPCST in the Arab world: the rationality war onlinePaper
Braga, AThe State's Role in the Promotion of Science and CitizenshipPoster
Branch-Smith, TValue-Conscious Exhibit DesignPaper
Brossard, DScientists joking on social media: An empirical analysis of #overlyhonestmethodsPaper
Bucchi, MWhat is the legacy of five decades of science communication research?Panel
Bucchi, MVisual scientific literacy: the role of images in public understanding of science in...Paper
Bucciarelli Rodriguez, MAnother face of the Biological Sciences: investigating the outcomes of working on...Poster
Buurmeijer, FCommunicating about new mathematics, the different approachPoster
Cabe, JCRI PRIMES: Learn how to apply a proven model to fund and create meaningful...Paper
Campbell, PPublic participation and self-care practices: How runners negotiate medical...Paper
Canete, SUniversity Researchers and Public Communication: What Influences their Intention to...Paper
Canete, SWhat Influences Scientists Participation in Public Engagement: A Qualitative...Poster
Carrillo-Trueba, CThe virtual and the printed, ¿exclusion or complementariness?Paper
Carver, RExploring the relationship between public knowledge and attitudes about genomicsPaper
Cassidy, ABuilding a public controversy: advocacy, media and politics in UK debates over bovine...Paper
Cassidy, AScience in Public Research NetworkPoster
Catalano, EThe cultural importance of science communication and disclosurePoster
Ceci, CThe chemistry of public perceptionPanel
Ceci, CPublic attitudes to chemistry in the UKPoster
Cerqueira Das Neves, AControversies in Animal Experimentation: Contributions of Consensus Conferences and...Paper
Chakraborty, AChanging perspectives in Indian science museum movement: the early years post...Paper
Chambers, MEthical considerations of using community-led media in engagement around biomedical...Panel
Chen, YLarge-public-event oriented and “passive” communication strategy for...Poster
Chinnalong, SEinstein: a challenge to Thai science communication?Paper
Cholakkathodi, JMapping the Shift from Public Understanding of Science to Public Engagement with...Paper
Chu, HA study on visitors’ identity-related motivations at science museums in ChinaPaper
Claessens, MHow major international research organisations are coping with the new age of PCSTPaper
Collins, TAppropriating social media – public engagement with science and technology...Workshop
Condesso, MNewton liked to read: communicationg science while readingPaper
Cori, LGIOCONDA: involving the youth in environmental and health policiesPaper
Cortassa, CComparing and evaluating public policies for scientific culturePaper
Creagh, BThe tools and tactics of effective science communication in an issues rich...Poster
cruz-mena, jFrom journal to scree: A profile of Science for content analysis and for science...Paper
cruz-mena, jRead the paper, and still beat the deadline!Workshop
Curtis, VOnline citizen science projects – widening public participation in scientific...Paper
Dahmouche , M Young Talents for Science in Brazil: personal and academic effectsPoster
Dahmouche , M"Céu dos Artistas": an art exhibition that dialogues with sciencePaper
Davies, SWhat’s missing in science communication? New perspectives for practice and...Panel
Davies, GCollecting evidence from research-informed practices: the case of Floodplain MeadowsPaper
Davis, LUniversity Outreach as a means of Science Communication: evaluating its effectivenessPaper
de Kruijk, EHow science television is changing in this YouTube agePerformance
Degett, JResponsible research and ethics of communicationPanel
Diaz-Garcia, ITechnological Culture in the MakingPaper
Dihal, K‘If You Can’t Explain It to a Six-Year-Old…’:...Paper
Dijkstra, AParticipation and dialogue in Dutch Science Cafés. Perspectives from participants...Paper
Dobson, KRetweet to Save the Planet: Online Public Engagement Strategies of The Idle No More...Paper
Domingues, IResearch institutions and social media: Channels for engaging the public and...Paper
Dook, JUse of mobile device apps to reinforce field-based learningPoster
Dook, JInforming the community about a native fauna threat: cane toad appPaper
Doran, HConnecting scientists and the public in global online dialogues about sciencePoster
du Plessis, HThe changing role of Public Participation in Science CommunicationPaper
Duit, SWater@School - enganging young students in a research projectPoster
Dursun, CReception Practices of Turkish Newspaper Readers on Science, Technology and...Paper
Ellis, MA second South African public perceptions survey on attitudes towards biotechnologyPaper
Elsonbaty, MThe State of Virtual Reality for Science CommunicationPoster
Emde, KEthics in Communicating Scientific Animal Experimentation: Is Silence Strategic and...Paper
Entradas, MMobilisation for Public Engagement: Benchmarking the Practices of Research...Paper
Equihua, CTwitter: a useful tool to communicate science in University research centersPaper
Fahy, DKnowledge-based reporting of global infectious diseases: The pioneering journalism...Paper
falade, bEvaluating public communication of science and technology: The case of the Ebola...Paper
Fazio, MThe narratives in science communicationPaper
Fernandes, JDigital Research Notebooks – a tool for communicating the products and ...Poster
Finkler, WUsing SciCommercials to Save the Whales: lessons from social marketing for better...Paper
Fletcher, JInspiration, risk and the future: Using stories to help visualize climate changePaper
Flipse, SFuture Interactions: a serious board game for future technology assessmentPaper
Flores, DCoverage analysis of COP 16 and pandemic influenza A (H1N1) in mexican television...Poster
Fogg-Rogers, LScience Live: the appeal of live public science events in a digital agePoster
Fontanetto, RScience museums in a social media age: a discussion about taking part in Museum Week ...Poster
Franzen, MOpen Science: On the effects of the digital revolution Paper
Frias-Villegas, GArt, Science Fiction and Science CommunicationPaper
fukui, aContributions of Linguistics for Science CommunicationPoster
Furniel, APortal de Periódicos Fiocruz: an open acess channel for science in BrazilPoster
Garcia-Guerrero, MStrategies for the public communication of nanotechnologies: a three country...Paper
garty, eScience communications for the real general publicPaper
Gary, CSciChallenge - Project presentationPoster
Gary, CChildren's Universities: The evolution of this successful model for promoting...Panel
Gascoigne, THow much science does a citizen need to know?Paper
Gascoigne, TModern science communication: how and why it emerged in AustraliaPoster
Gascoigne, TThe Two Cultures, and science communicationPerformance
Gastrow, MScience and the social media in an African context: the case of the Square Kilometre...Paper
Geipel, A„Doing Science“ - Constructing Scientificity on Social MediaPaper
Gelmez Burakgazi, SScientists` Views of Science Communication in TurkeyPaper
Gerber, ABecoming a product-placement: science communicators, learn to communicate on your...Workshop
Gerber, ABridging the gap! How young African and European scientists are trying to end the...Poster
Gerber, ATraining the next generation of science communicatorsPanel
Goebel, CCitizen science associations and networks as agents of professionalization - from...Poster
Goede, WHow to Make Your Audience’s Neurons ROCK!Workshop
GONTIJO, BGAIA Project Centre: An experience report on science communication about the...Poster
Goodwin, BOut of the Woods: How Do (Forest) Scientists Perceive Science CommunicationPaper
Goodwin, BThe influence of environmental perception and media coverage upon risk perception...Paper
Gouws, LBuilding trust and countering misinformation through science communicationPaper
Grand, A“It’s all so very normal”: visitors’ experiences of...Paper
Grootens-Wiegers, RVisual health information: participatory design with vulnerable target groupsWorkshop
Grootens-Wiegers, RUnderstanding minors as a target group in health communication: the neuroscience of...Paper
Guenther, LScientific Evidence and the Media: Investigating the Journalistic Intention to...Paper
Hamilton, SHands as Media of Contamination: Reading Public Health Handwashing PostersPaper
Hayslett, MThe Structure of Scientific CommunicationPaper
Hayslett, MCommunicating Research as Innovation: A Case Study of the Three Minute Thesis...Paper
Hekimoglu Balkan, BThe Global Spread of Science Communication Online: Emerging Models, Practices and...Paper
Hendriks, FLaypeople’s inferences about a science blogger’s trustworthiness: two...Paper
Herrera, SScience communication in the problems of water managementPaper
Hershkovitz, ASocial Variables and Credibility Assessment of Scientific Content on Social...Paper
Holliman, RAn open research universityPaper
hu, fThe establishment of science communication effect assessment system about single...Paper
Huang, CA comparative study to investigate the technoscience images as shown in TV drama...Paper
Hughes, SCommunicating Socio-Environmental Science: The Role of the Environmental Protection...Paper
Hyldgaard, PCreating and testing new video formats in science communicationWorkshop
Inglis, RHip Hop Health – Research, Rhythm and Rhyme for Healthy CommunitiesPaper
Inglis, RAgent Zee - Role modelling agency by women in science Poster
Jensen, EUsing Surveys in Science Communication Evaluation: A Very Brief Introduction to the...Workshop
Jensen, ECritical Review of the UK’s “Gold Standard” Survey of Public...Paper
Jensen, EPreaching to the economically advantaged, educated and scientifically converted: UK...Poster
Jergović, BMapping differences in public engagement: Scientists’ views on public...Paper
Jia, HFraming and scientific controversy: Exploring the effect and mechanism of question...Paper
Jia, HGenetically modified organisms in the Chinese media: Frames, actors, risks and...Poster
Joubert, MDigital Developments: Online science communication courses for training,...Workshop
Joubert, MBringing ancient stories to life: Dinosaurs are cool, but no hominids please?Paper
Kahle, KFootprints of Fascination: Digital Traces of Public Engagement with Particle Physics...Paper
KANO, KDevelopment and Evaluation of a Scientists’ Dialogue Skills Training ProgramPaper
KAYA, GSTEM & Makers Fest/Expo for Public EngagementPoster
Kennedy, EClimate, Floods, and Forest Fires: Expert Communication About Uncertainty &...Poster
Kerlow, ITHE EOS ART Projects: Six Art Projects Inspired by Earth SciencePaper
Kerlow, ICommunicating Tsunami Preparedness Through the Lessons Learned by SurvivorsPaper
Kerlow, IThe Ratu River Expedition: Earthquakes in NepalPerformance
Knezevic, IBig Data in Food and AgriculturePaper
Kupper, FDiscover your views in the Frame Reflection LabWorkshop
Land-Zandstra, ALinking theory and practice through student research in informal learning...Paper
Land-Zandstra, AObject-centered learning in science museums: A systematic literature reviewPoster
Land-Zandstra, AResearch the researchers: Internal and public communication during the Dutch...Paper
Lanza, TPioneering Art for the planet sustainability in the widest community of Earth...Poster
Laspra, BHave you visited a science museum in the last twelve months?Paper
Lazzarino, SDivergence between what Chilean environmental scientists and their publics think...Poster
Lüthje, CSocial science communication policies, social scientists' communication strategies,...Paper
LEE, SThe investigation of communication elements in science news text in TaiwanPoster
Legoh, FScience Blog Competition to Encourage Young Students to Do Science CommunicationPaper
Legoh, FDeveloping Science and Technology Communication Value of Researchers through...Poster
Lehmkuhl, MDealing with uncertainty in the reporting on neuroscience: A study of journalistic...Paper
Lelliott, AVisitors to the ‘Cradle of Humankind’, South Africa: motivations and...Paper
Leon, BScience and technology as a popular participatory content. A study of the...Paper
Lerma, AQuestioning the cyber-utopia: Skepticism in Digital Social NetworksPaper
Levin, LThe Evolution of Public Understanding of SciencePaper
Liang, ASmart Science CenterPoster
Liberatore, AFlocking to Citizen Science: Using Social Media to Attract, Retain, Support and...Paper
Lima, GPublic communication of science and technology as activityPaper
Lindholm, MPublic confidence in science - what does it mean?Paper
Link, EScientific Innovations between Hope and Fear: The Media Image of Medical ImplantsPaper
Lipponen, SNetworking over digital divideWorkshop
Lo, YBlogging by scientists: a rare and peripheral activityPaper
Lobo Antunes, JImproving social media skills for scientists and institutions in PortugalPoster
Lohwater, TInternational Trends in Researchers' Participation In and Attitudes Towards Public...Panel
Lohwater, TPractical Considerations: Research Informing Practice in Public Engagement (and vice...Workshop
Longnecker, NAn Integrated Model of Science CommunicationPaper
Lopera Pareja, EBeyond the news content: Exploring the relationship between online sources of...Paper
Lozano, MThe communication between researchers and vulnerable communities in Colombia:...Poster
Luccas, T Climate experiences: sensory video narratives to communicate climate changePoster
Lujano-Vilchis, IEvaluating Mexican Scientific Magazines in the Digital AgePaper
Maas, JScience from one-way to two-way communication Paper
Magalhães, CLight: communicating science and technology to the publicPaper
Magana, PScience culture magazines. Where are they headed in Mexico?Poster
Magana, PThree decades of science communication in Mexico: a Professional Network called...Performance
Mani, VSITN Harvard: Molding the next generation of scientists to build an effective public...Poster
Mantovani, CThe audience: a key participant in the science communication processPaper
Manyweathers, JWhy won’t they just vaccinate? An emerging infectious disease risk...Workshop
Manzoli, FJack is late. Air pollution and health at a bus stopPerformance
Marimon, OBigVan- scientists on the road. Participatory science education approaches based on...Paper
Marimon, OBigVan: Scientists on the road (1’ 30’’)Performance
Martin, VCitizen scientists and technology: What is the potential for increasing public...Paper
martinelli, lThe discourse of medical science in the WEB: the narrative of assisted reproduction...Paper
Massarani, LScience in Brazilian popular literaturePaper
Massarani, LGender and science coverage: Does it really matter?Panel
Mazzonetto, MResponsible Research and Innovation (RRI): what role for public engagement...Paper
McCracken, SOnline engagement across five continents. How does I’m a Scientist compare...Panel
Medvecky, FScience communication and epistemic justice. Paper
Mena, AMorphogenesis of a project towards better science communicationPaper
Mena, AMy genes: should or should I not know who I am?Poster
Merzagora, MMainstreaming Responsible Research and Innovation in Science EducationPoster
Merzagora, MBlurring the frontiers between scientific research and science communication Workshop
Metcalfe, JClimate champion farmers: integrating deficit, dialogue and participative science...Paper
MIHRA, AScientific News coverage in News paper and its impact to develop scientific...Poster
Mira, SHealth and Evolution – Science Outreach ActivitiesPoster
Mitchell, SOpen Sesame: Digital Media and the Proliferation of Open Access Scientific...Paper
Moldovan, AEducational Disparities, Biomedical Efficacy and Science Knowledge Gaps: can the...Poster
Montagni, IInvolving young people in health issues: the French experiencePaper
Montero de Jesus, CNOÓSFERA: a science communication proposal for basic education level in...Paper
Moreira, IThe experience of using Facebook in PCST events in Brazil: Rio + 20 and IYL 2015Paper
Moreno Cano, ADengue and the importance of communication as a factor prevention and control in the...Poster
Moreno Castro, CComparative study of the frequency of use of natural therapies among the Spanish...Paper
Morfakis, C“Doctor Atomic: Science Communication in Modern Opera”Paper
Murphy, PTracking the careers of science communication postgraduatesPanel
Murphy, PANT with a bite?: debate, rhetoric and science conflict communication Paper
Murphy, FMicro-Blogging Science: An analysis of the @RealScientists twitter accountPaper
Murriello, SEnvironmental and risk perception in Patagonia, ArgentinaPaper
Navarro, M15-Year Print Media Reportage of Agri-biotech in the PhilippinesPaper
Navas Iannini, ATeenage pregnancy in a Museum Exhibit: A space where dialogue meets participation...Paper
Nepote, APublic interests for Science and Technology in a Cup of CoffeePoster
Ni, XScientists, journalists, and social network media in China’s environment and...Paper
Nieckchen, PSinging from the same sheet – Social networks for fusion communicationPaper
Nielsen, KRevisiting the web model of science communication: how to deal with information...Paper
Norberto Rocha, JTravelling science museums: challenges and experiences in science communication in...Poster
O'Connor, RHow to value Public Engagement with Science? Perspectives from Australian...Paper
OHara, KScientists as social change agents? Tweeting science issues into the Canadian elect...Paper
Ojagh, ZStyle of public science communication in IranPoster
Olesk, AWhat makes a mediatized scientist?Paper
Oliveira, BSense of birth: A itinerant interactive exhibition for social engagement and public...Paper
Oliveira filho, aCommunication Science and Technology In Youtube: Brazilian Case AnalysisPoster
Olivotto, CSpectacular science: a reflection about limits and opportunitiesPanel
Oppliger, LScience fair enhances motivation and interest for science: a chilean casePoster
Orr, DKnowledge deficit or public engagement? Conceptualizing Polio Vaccination debates on...Paper
Otero, SScience communication, the Chilean wayPaper
Otero, SScience, art and culture merge to disseminate the Chilean hottest heritagePoster
Oviedo, LScience communication for biodiversity conservation--Useful guidelinesPaper
Pacini, GVirtual science café: science cafè in the internet era Paper
Pansegrau, PFraming and mapping science news in the long run (1990 - 2015)Panel
Patairiya, MLeadership patterns in science communication: Significance of ‘domain area...Paper
Pearson, VLabcasts: Bringing Cutting Edge Science to the ClassroomPoster
Pellegrini, GWhen scientists speak to the public. Assessing expectations and results of public...Paper
Perez Rodriguez, APicturing Science: the impact of Science in Society Policies in the construction of...Paper
Perez Rodriguez, AScientific Culture 2.0. A graph analysis of spanish Twitter accounts specialised in...Poster
Permatasari, DScience Talkshow on Radio ProjectPoster
PERUMALSAMY, NPublic Communication of ResearchersPoster
Peschke, LThe media functions of informational pictures in science communicationPoster
Peters, H'Popularization of research' and 'provision of scientific expertise': consequences...Paper
Pleasant, ATheater for Health: Using the arts to deliver science to low-income communitiesWorkshop
Pleasant, ACreating a scientific evidence-based integrative health program to successfully...Paper
polino, cpublic attitudes towards biotechnology in ArgentinaPaper
Pombo, PLight windows: communication of 3D imagingPaper
Ponto, MAcademic networking vs. Social networking: The future of social networking in...Panel
Prasad, APublic understandings of health and disease in modern IndiaPaper
Rao, AAttitudes towards outreach within the particle-physics research communityPaper
Rümmele, KWhat’s up with crossmedia? – How to meet diverse information needs and...Poster
Reis, NScientists’ attitudes in consolidated and fragile science communication...Paper
REIS, DDiversity and aesthetics at scientific animation movies Paper
Renieri, AIntrecciPoster
Renieri, AWorkMaths: ideas for a new Informal Math LabsPoster
Reynoso-Haynes, EDifferent Approaches to Public Communication of SciencePaper
Riedlinger, MSocial representations of science at the commission hearings into the decline of...Paper
Riesch, HLe Geek, C’est Clique? Meanings of science in online science enthusiast...Paper
Riesch, HHumour in Science CommunicationPanel
Rigutto, CUsing Internet Memes to improve Science CommunicationWorkshop
Roberts, JUsing data visualisation to communicate scientific uncertainty to non-expert...Poster
Roca-Salom, PSCIENCE FOR ALL! An experinece to learn to Communicate Science to children and...Poster
Roche, JThe many failures of modern science showsPaper
Rock, JCo-created science communication: 'Democratising engagement' through co-created...Paper
Rodari, P Scientists involved in science communication activities: motivations, enablers and...Paper
Rodríguez, aIntroduction to Genomic Medicine: Itinerant Exhibition in Mexico and in Latin AmericaPoster
Rodríguez, SSocial disciplines and science communication studiesPaper
Rodrigues, MInternet: what comes after science communication models?Paper
Rodrigues, MThe use of social media at the PCST2014 – a case study Poster
Rodrigues Barbosa, CScientific communication in different contexts and mediaPaper
Rodriguez Estrada, FDesigning digital multimodal texts to engage non-specialists in the protection of...Poster
Roedder, SCitizen Science in a Global Perspective Panel
Roedder, SSpeaking with one voice for climate science – Climate researchers’...Paper
Rojas , PThe radio drama as a solution for low participation of students in the science...Poster
Rosen, CGlobal or Local? A Qualitative Comparison of Science Journalists’ Selection...Paper
Rueda, CThe Colombian Annual Report on the Status and Trends of Biodiversity: Science...Paper
Rueda, AHow journalists ask scientists? The interview as an object of studyPoster
Russo, PGender-biased Content in Science Education ResourcesPoster
Russo, PA Blueprint for Assessing Societal Impact Through Public EngagementPaper
Saenz de Cabezon, EScience at the marginsPanel
Sagalin, J“The Brain” application – making science viralPaper
Saladie, NHow to tackle stakeholders' lack of participation in public engagement activitiesPaper
Sales Barbosa, A“Science in the air”: Old-fashioned media meet digital tools for Science...Poster
Santaolalla, JYouTube your science: science to reach students of twenty first centuryPoster
Sanz Merino, NScience Communication and Journalism for Latin American teaching of Science. A...Poster
Sava, MScientists Performing Online.TED Talks as a Means of Engaging the Public with...Paper
Schebesta, AResearch competence and scientific literacy in a digital agePaper
Schiele, BParticipation and DemocracyPanel
Schiele, APseudo/science communication in mass mediaPaper
Segantini, VThe haunting of knowing: a trial version in the design of an exhibition on knowledgePoster
Serong, JEvaluating health news in a digital world. Quality assessment in science journalism...Paper
Shauli, SInteractions between science knowledge and advocacy skills among parents of hearing-...Paper
Skeldon, KWhat do YOU think makes for responsible science and its communication?Workshop
Smith, CRethinking law, economy and environmentPaper
Soares Veiga, ADigital Public Communication and Science Popularization: the Ministry of Science,...Poster
Song, XAn Investigation of the Mechanisms of science center and School Co-operationinPaper
St Louis, CScience reporting the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of the Tim Hunt story.Paper
Steffani, MThe sky as a laboratoyPoster
Stock, CInvolving young people in health issues: the Danish experiencePaper
Sturgis, PInsights from the Wellcome Trust Monitor Past and Present: a UK survey of public...Panel
Szymanski, EMaking “not the deficit model” specific: Rhetorical analysis to evaluate...Paper
TAMBOURGI, PScience communication for epilepsy: reducing social prejudice against patients...Panel
Tatalovic, MScience journalism in the BalkansPanel
Tatalovic, MHow to successfully pitch a science story to mediaWorkshop
Tatalovic, MFinding sexy science stories that sell, without dumbing down or shying away from...Paper
Tayanagi, EFrom science PR to corporate science communication: Within the CSR context of...Poster
te Molder, HAll but naive. On the importance of articulating hidden moralities in public...Paper
Teixeira, LScience and Society – promoting citizenship through the reflection on ethical...Poster
Tibell, LDarwin in the Dome - Exploring the Impact of a 3D-dome Picture in Communicating...Paper
Tomasoni, ICommunication in scientific research: reflections and obstacles regarding the...Paper
Tomasson, LMass experiments in Swedish schools – encouraging scientific citizenship in...Paper
Tonda Mazony, JLatin American Network of Public Communication of SciencePoster
Trench, BScience criticism - what is it, and why do we need it?Panel
urosevic, lNIKOLA TESLA MUSEUM-Living world of brilliant ideasPoster
van Beusekom, MMedical pictograms for low-literate patients: transparency and translucencyPaper
van Dam, FProviding a knowledge base for a science communication curriculumPanel
van der Meij, MThe Opinion Lab; prototyping science exhibits for next generation science...Paper
van der Sanden, MDesign for practice: combine theoretical and intuitive thinking in science...Workshop
van der Sanden, MPhD-research as a marker of science communication’s developmentPanel
Väliverronen, EExpanding expertise and public debates on health and nutrition Paper
Verbeke, MClose encounters with penguins: the construction of environmental riskPaper
Verkade, A“What question would you want science to answer?” - A Dutch experiment...Workshop
Vestergaard, GScience Coverage in Popular and Elite NewspapersPaper
Vestergaard, GThe Science Grapevine Poster
Vilas-Boas, AI don´t call myself a scientist: Understanding why self-denomination as...Paper
wang, lA Study on the construction mode and evaluation of scientific culture in ChinaPaper
WANG, GEinstein vs. Newton: the historical influence of great scientists based on big data ...Poster
WANG, GPractice and quantitative study on visualization of cutting-edge science Paper
Wang, XResearch on Strategy and Mode of Audience-generated Content in Science & Technology...Paper
Weitkamp, EResearch press offices as hubs of science communication: envisioning future rolesPanel
Weitze, MArtificial Photosynthesis – Developing Technology FuturesPaper
Wien, CLeap-frogging into the future - Transforming a 'Triple-late Development State' into...Paper
Wilkinson, C“I mean I left school at fourteen dear so I've never, you know, I’m not...Paper
Wilkinson, CCreative Research Communication: Theory and PracticePoster
Williams, CAltmetrics as a guide for an effective multi-channel strategyPaper
Winter, SBlinded by the headline? An experiment on readers’ processing of two-sided...Paper
Wray, BScience communication and performativity: how are we talking about synthetic...Paper
Xenia, RThe communication of science and technology as a tool for social appropriation of...Panel
Xi, CCover image of Science: research on 56 years history of development Paper
Yahia, MThe digital age of science in the Middle EastPanel
Yang, YScience Communications about MSW Incineration in One Café and Conference Room of...Paper
YÃœKSEL, EWhat Do People Do with the Health Content of the Media?Paper
Yeo, SCredibility and climate change: Perceived credibility of policy and science experts...Paper
Zielińska, IPublic communication of (counter) science on the Internet. The case of Polish...Paper
Zubieta, PAssessing difficulties of mirror reflection activities from a Math festivalPoster

2016 – San Jose, Costa Rica   [373 papers presented]

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Holliman, R. (2004). Interpreting science news: media templates and scientific citizenship.
Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
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