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The Korean type large-scale astrofest

Young-Sook Ahn   Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

Han-Bae Yoon   Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

Seo-Gu Lee   Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

Dong-Joo Lee   Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

Hong-Jin Yang   Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

Byung-Hee Min – Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

KASI (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute) has held star festivals from the beginning and 2006, this year,meets the 32nd. KASI has been in charge of the star festivals of its own till now and also has supported the star festivals y local astronomical organizations. However, the festival in April of 2006 will be jointly held by 10 organizations elevant to the stars and the universe parts. This large-scale astrofest can be considered an unique type in star festivals.

The program of the festival, not to mention the traditional star observation, will be made up of the star observation ontest for the elementary, middle and high school students, the concert with the stars in the night sky, 'Challenge! olden Byul', the quiz game for learning astronomical knowledge, and the lecture answering the mysteries of the niverse. In the festival, each participating organization is supposed to provide the public with various things by pening an exhibit or by displaying PR materials.

Also, KASI is planning to support local star observation meetings actively in union with all the astronomical rganizations in Korea and to promote the distinguished observation meetings according to the local characteristics.

The meetings mentioned above is expected to give astronomy wider publicity, to help increasing the amateur stronomers, and moreover to improve the scientific minds of the public. In this presentation, we are going to examine ow this large-scale astrofest works to the public and how it influence the science popularization

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