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Democracy on the move

Sonja Gruber   PlanSinn – Mediation Agency

Wolfgang Gerlich  

Johannes Posch  

The ongoing process of European integration presents new challenges for the evolution of democracy in Europe that will effect its citizens as well as politics in various ways. The research program >node< - New Orientations for Democracy in Europe of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture addresses the future of democracy in Europe. >node< scientists rethink democracy, analyze political developments and processes and come up with options and alternatives for the further development of democratic politics. The >node< „democracy-TABLE“ is a symbol for democracy in different environments: It is set up in different public places and promotes the scientific discussion of democracy and its development in Austria and the European Union by provoking personal interaction between passers-by and >node< scientists. As a starting point the >node< program asks people to contribute their personal definitions of „democratic is...

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