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F. Burnet   University of the West of England

B. Johnson   University of the West of England

K. Bultitude   University of the West of England

The aim of this work was to develop a new way of using drama to draw targeted audiences into discussion of issues raised by science for society. The approach was to develop events run by two presenters which used scripted or semi-scripted elements to trigger discussion and debate.
Two events have been developed to date. One exploring the implication of genetic screening for individuals and another focusing on the roles that robots do play and might play in society. Both events have been very well received by their target audiences and were designed to maximise the likelihood that they will be repeated by the 12 presenters who have been trained to deliver them. The project points to a way in which science shows can include issues based two way communication in repertoires that, it could be argued, are more often focused on telling and explaining

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