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Improving indigo dyed textile
A community-oriented communication to success

Yuwanuch Tinnaluck   ASEAN Handicraft Promotion And Development Association (AHPADA)

Time has come for development to be more inclusive of other knowledge systems than the dominant knowledge of science and technology. This study focuses on the synergy of collaboration between local knowledge of Thailand so called “Local Wisdom”, and Modern Science and Technology (MST) which originally come from the West. It could open a new perspective for Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) to broaden its scope, renew methods to enrich and reach more people toward Knowledge-Based Society and Sustainable Development for Thailand.

This article aims to demonstrate a strategy for PCST in such perspective from a village in Northeastern Thailand where traditional knowledge and practice of indigo dyed textile have been revived and improved by collaborating LW and MST to co-create a new, adapted and useful knowledge for community economy as well as re-establishing the social and cultural dimensions of this practice in the community.

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