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Informed panel for life science

Sung K. Cho   Chungnam National University

How to make effective communication among the general public, the policy-makers and scientists about science and technology?

As an effort to provide an answer to this question, we established ‘the informed panel for the life science’ . The informed panel could provide the informed opinions on various issues in biotechnology, which would be valuable feedback for the research, legalization, policy-making and etc. The informed panel was sampled to be representative of the general public in respect to sex, residential area and age. They were provided with various and balanced information about the biotechnology through both audio and textual format. We also induced the panel members into elaborating on the issues through two rounds of surveys. The results show our efforts were successful to some extent in getting the representative panel informed in life science.

With this informed panel, we could predict the response of the society toward specific applications in advance. It could be utilized especially in cutting-edge scientific and technological areas where the general public has relatively poor information on these areas.

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