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Meeting the communication challenges of Philippines landcare

G. Boy   Lantapan Research Site

E. Garcia   SEAMEO Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture

A. Laotoco   Claveria Research Site

E. Ruiz   SEAMEO Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture

N. Vock   Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries

The Philippines, like many Asian countries, is faced with major soil erosion in its rural uplands. Few past programs have resulted in sustained ‘on-ground’ impact. Landcare is a new and different approach. Commenced in 1996 at one site as a partnership between farmers, local government and technical facilitators, it has since developed to involve over 600 farmer groups with up to 65% adoption of on-farm conservation technologies. It has also had positive social and economic impacts. A key factor in its success has been effective communication, including use of Landcare Facilitators, effective verbal and visual communication methods, ‘hands-on’ farmer training, and involvement of the broader community. A need to capture the essence of the Landcare experience in book form to service new Landcare sites resulted in an innovative process to collect and publish the Landcare stories from over 40 people including pioneers, farmers, facilitators, government, community representatives and researchers.

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