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Strategic issues in science communication to youth
Applications in biotechnology and bioengineering in Australia

Henry C. H. Ko   University of New South Wales

Jean C. C. Hsu   University of New South Wales

Currently, Australia is experiencing a downturn in students in science and technology. There are constant concerns that Australia is lacking in engineers and scientists. As part of a push to communicate biotechnology and biomedical engineering to students and the public in Australia, a special student interest group, the Australian Biotechnology Students Association (ABSA) was formed to help popularise biosciences to the youth demographic, and provide a catalyst for networking youth to industry. The role of youth demographic-specific tailoring of networking, information and careers development events, and its potential effect on the popularisation of science to the Australian community has been examined, with ABSA and its activities as a case study of a demographic-specific tool to create a strong community of educated students that will hopefully feed Australia’s need for science and technology professionals.

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