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Toward a network of local community, university and government
Reflections from a science culture programme for housewives in Korea

J. Son Song   Seoul National University

S.-K. Cho   Korea Science Foundation

This study reports four years’ experience of a series of science culture projects specially designed for housewives in Korea. In 2002, a team from SNU carried out a project for housewives' understanding of science & technology, including a survey on housewives’ attitudes and a development of sample materials for them. In 2004, a team with the same leaders carried out another project which included a development of materials for housewives’ science classes. In 2005, the SNU team started to implement their materials to groups of housewives in a local community, Kwanak-Gu ward, Seoul. The whole process was initiated and supported by the KSF, a governmental organization for science culture. From our experience, the most important factor for the success appears to be the active networking between participating groups (i.e. Kwanak-Gu, SNU, KSF), which would multiply the strength and compensate the weakness of each group by communicating and sharing their experience and expertise.

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