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Science communication in Nigeria
Issues and perspectives

Tunde Akingbade  

Science Communicators in Africa generally face a lot of problems in dissemination of Science and Technology information.There is dearth of science information, lack of equipment, training or refresher courses for practitioners and frustration resulting from editorial policy.

There is also gross underfunding of Science, Research and Development (R&D). In oil rich Nigeria, a United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (UNESCO) study reveals that just 22 cents (5.50k in the local currency)is expended per head annually on R&D. This falls short of what is spent in Southern Africa, other Sub-Saharan countries or Asia where about $11 is allocated to R&D. Sadly, less than 0.5 per cent of the wealth in Sub-Saharan Africa is set aside for R&D.The situation becomes worrisome when compared with advanced countries where between $300 to $700 is spent per head annually.

This paper focusses on various studies done among science communicators and inhibitions to effective science communication in Nigeria. A survey on the Nigeria print and electronic media reveals how much attention is given to science communication and steps towards an effective action plans are highlighted.

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