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Quality of scientific data used in newspaper reports after the Chernobyl accident

B. Bobnar   "Jozef Stefan" Institute, Reactor Engineering Department, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia

The investigation was done about quality of used scientific and technical data in the newspaper reports about the Chernobyl accident. A systematic analysis of media content comprises interrelated elements:

-   the survey of the scientists and technical facts quoted or referred to in the reports chosen,

-   a comparison of published data with scientific facts,

-   the liability of published technical facts.

Included were 10 major periodicals in Yugoslavia. The sampling period was six months from the first published report about the accident (April 29th 1986). Further classification was made regarding the source of information and the nature of scientific facts. Results wore compared and the liability of published technical facts was estimated. Suggestions for presenting similar scientific topic in mass media were shelled.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.