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The structure of attitudes to science (macas III)

Martin W. Bauer   London School of Economics, United Kingdom

Rajesh Shukla   Human Development Institute, India Preeti Kakkar -National Council of Applied Economic Research, India

Xuan Liu   China Research Institute for Science Popularization, China

Fujun Ren   China Research Institute for Science Popularization, China

Ahmet Suerdem   Bilgi University, Turkey

Yurij Castelfranchi – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

An  Indo-European  network  of  researchers  (MACAS,  funded  by  ESRC-DFG-ISSRC,  2012-2015)  will construct a system of science culture indicators based on social attitude surveys. The system should enable us to track and compare social attitudes to science on a number of dimensions (interest, image, attitude, knowledge, engagement). For this purpose we will mobilise existing survey data (Eurobarometer  and  Indian  surveys,  1989-2010),  conduct  comparative  analysis  and  develop  the Science Culture Index (SCI), and we will be joined by colleagues from Turkey, China and  Brazil. This session will ask the question: if we talk about social attitudes to science in a global perspective, how do  we  deal  with  the  structure  of  these  attitudes.  Is there  a  global  structure,  or  are  there  many different  structures,  and  might  this  structure  of  attitudes  change  over  time.  What  are  the implications for teh construction of comparative indicators. The presentations in this session will address this issue empirically on the basis of the available data in EU, Turkey, Brazil, India and China. This session will be chaired and disucssed by Federico Neresini (Padua) o Sensitivity analyses of the Science  Culture  Index  (SCI)  in  crosssectional  and  longitudinal  comparisons  across  EU  and  India (Rajesh Shukla - United Kingdom, IHD, Delhi, Preeti Kakkar , NCAER, Delhi, and Martin William Bauer, LSE) o The structure of attitudes across China  –  evidence from the survey of 2010 (Liu Xuan & Ren Fujun, CRISP, Beijing) o Comparisons of Public Understanding of Science: China2010 and EU2005 (Ren Fujun, Liu Xuan, CRISP, Beijing, and Martin William Bauer, LSE), Valdidating a structural model of  attitudes  to  science  in  Turkey  in  contrast  to  EU  (Ahmet  Suerdem,  Bilgi,  Istanbul),  Modelling attitude structures across Brazil: comparing 2005 and 2010 (Yurij Castelfranchi, Elaine Meire Vilela, Ildeu de Castro Moreira, Luisa Massarani, Luciana Barreto de Lima, Brazil).

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.