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Public Communication of Science and Technology


Longitudinal mass dedia indicators of science culture (macas II)

Martin W. Bauer   London School of Economics, United Kingdom

Rajesh Shukla   Human Development Institute, India

Bankole Falade   London School of Economics United Kingdom

Petra Pansegrau   University of Bielefeld, Germany

Subhasis Sahoo   Univeristy of Allahabad, India

Federico Neresini – University of Padua & Observa, Italy

The Indo-European network (MCAS funded by ESRC-DFG-ISSRC, 2012-2015) will construct a system of science culture indicators based on news analysis measures. The system should enable us to track science news retrospectively and inform a system of potentially prospective monitoring (1990-present and beyond; intensity, positioning, issues) as part of analysis of wider trends in public attitudes to science. The idea is to map science news in general on the basis of a systematic sample. The session will present preliminary results from a comparative effort of constructing a comparative corpus of data that spans the past 20-years. The teams involved in this project will work with a common framework and use QDA Miner as their software platform to support the analysis. The presentations will assess the construction of the text corpus so far and present preliminary results comparing the language of science news on a number of linguistic indicators.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.