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Panel discussion
Quality and Responsibility in Patient Engagement with Sci- entific Research Outputs

Cathy Southworth   EuroSyStem and OptiStem, UK

Federica Balzani   Member of the AISM National Group of Young People with MS, Italy

Emma Kemp   uroStemCell, UK

Gianvito Martino   San Raffaele Hospital, Italy

Karen Walshe   British Library and Patients Participate! Project, UK

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that quality patient engagement improves the health outcomes of individuals, improving both patient knowledge and experience,including a better appreciation of treatments and their outcomes (Coulter and Ellins, 2007;Coulter 2012). One aspect of this engagement is the communication of current research developments from basic science to translational work. Patients Participate explored with various stakeholders the form this type of communication should take to best serve the needs of patients. The ecommendations from this project and the underlying drive for more patient-centred health research information raises several questions for those science communicators and/or public engagement practitioners working in research institutions. It was with these practical considerations in mind that we put together this panel discussion;maybe if we opened up these questions to the wider community we could see ways forward.

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