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Involving young people in health issues
The French experience

Ilaria Montagni  

The panel session "Involving young people in health issues: the French / Danish experience" will present examples of communication techniques currently employed to transmit health research projects and findings to young adults. Health and wellbeing are fundamental issues which seem, however, to be discarded by people aged 18-25 years. Addressing and sensitising a young public on health-related topics is a hard challenge for the public health community. One researcher from France (Ilaria Montagni) and one from Denmark (Christiane Stock) will show through two separate presentations some national examples of past and current health projects involving young people. The difficulties in motivating young adults to participate to health studies and to draw their attention to important health issues in this age (mental health, infectious diseases, risk behaviour) will be displayed. Especially two axes will be explored: the techniques employed to incite young people to participate to health surveys and studies (1); and the techniques employed to talk with them about their health and thus incite them to take care of their wellbeing (2). The two presentations will allow to compare the abovementioned communication techniques targeting health in young people; and to propose possible solutions to overcome communication difficulties in this area. A major focus will be put on the use of digital media (Internet, social networks, smartphone) given their large use within this specific population.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.