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The establishment of science communication effect assessment system about single exhibit in science museum

fang hu  

By now, there have been many assessments about science and technology museum and its exhibitions. However, as the basic composition elements of science and technology museum, the evaluations for single exhibit were relatively infrequent. The study aimed at establishing a reasonable, effective , feasible and credible assessment system which was used on single exhibit in science museum. The evaluation contents were science communication effect of exhibit. The establishment of assessment system was based on the existing related research, such as the factors influencing science communication effect of exhibits, exhibition evaluation and so on. The method this study used was multi objective comprehensive evaluation. After establishing the index system, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, weight determination of indexes, index value utility function, and nondimensionalization were used to build a numerical model. Finally, in order to verify the assessment system, the model was applied to exhibits in shanghai science and technology museum. At the same time, the result of the evaluation can be used on the exhibits improvement of shanghai science and technology museum. Among the existing evaluation system, some focus on the exhibits application process, include exhibits planning, design, production, use and improvement, some focus on the theme, content, safety, environmental protection, durability of the exhibits. This study focus on science communication effect of the exhibit, and pay close attention to the effect that the audience gain information from the exhibit, that is the education effect of the exhibit. So the evaluation can help science and technology museum accomplish the mission of publish education.

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