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Scientists` Views of Science Communication in Turkey

Sevinc Gelmez Burakgazi  

This qualitative phenomenological study seeks to explore how scientists perceive science communication in Turkey. Data will be gathered from scientists (both social scientists and natural scientists). In addition to that, the researchers aim (1) to understand what Turkish scholars know about science communication (2) to establish the importance of science communication to Turkish scholars (3) to investigate the amount of science communication activities carried out by Turkish scholars (4) to explore factors that may facilitate or inhibit science communication (5) to understand the extent to which scholars may willing to undertake further science communication (6) to identify the position of scientists in science communication activities in Turkey. The reason why we mainly focus on scientists is that we believe scientists are important for the world as they help people to understand what is happening around the world they live in. Therefore their engagement to science communication activities would make sense in order to access the scientific information people needed. Interview protocol was developed by the researchers. Purposive sampling strategy is used in this research. Sampling will continue until no new themes emerge from the data. In other words, researchers will try to involve the richest possible source of information to answer the research question. Up to now, three interviews were conducted, more interview appointments will be made. The analysis process will pursue the following steps (1) close reading, (2) coding, (3) thematizing, (4) exploring patterns, (5) description and interpretation. The research will be completed by the time of the conference.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.