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An Investigation of the Mechanisms of science center and School Co-operationin

Xian Song  

China Co-operation between science centers and schools arose as a new movement in the academic and museum worlds in the last century. It was an expression of the modern museum's turn towards public service and education, and at the same time it reflected reforming trends in international education and an adjustment in the boundaries of the functions of schools. In China too, with the foundation of a series of new-look modern museums in the latter stage of Reform and Opening, and with the curriculum reform movement, some attempts have been made at co-operation between museum and school groups. This study takes the history, current state, main events and institutional structures of this co-operation as its central theme. Using methods which include documentary research, interviews, qualitative and quantitative data analysis and theoretical modeling, it provides a comprehensive study of co-operation between museums and schools in China, specially taking the shanghai science and technology museum as case study, attempting to make new discoveries about this topic in a Chinese context and gain new insights into it, and to map out some possible future directions.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.