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How to Make Your Audience’s Neurons ROCK!

Wolfgang Chr. Goede  

Scientific conferences are important international hubs for the exchange of new knowledge in research and technology. This requires high professional standards of science communication. However the majority of these conferences are being perceived as dull and little creative. Too monolithic with an emphasis on expert lectures and top-down panel communication, many times presented in loveless electronic formats with erratic data eruptions and information overkill. As to an enhancement, especially in ever increasing cascades of digital applications, a new communication architecture is needed with more interactive formats, more humane touch and participants' inclusion. This session wants to help communicators and scientists, presenters and facilitators to inject more oxygenated blood into their public outreach acts. We will show you around the whole canon of state of the art methods, where and how to apply and how to mix them in genuine dramaturgies and scenographies: storytelling and sociometric line-ups, fish bowls, world cafés, open space and barcamps, inverted panels, Pecha Kucha and speed dating, strategical murmur groups and science debates. The participants of this session will learn how to appreciate the audience as valuable resonators, useful pools of collective wisdom and helpful contributors with their own expertise. If seminars and conferences want to be memorable and unique they empower the participants to become actors of their own, not by downloading the facilitators' or the participants own standard programs, but experimenting with new ones, "seeing, sensing, presencing and performing" (Otto C. Schamer). This, first of all, is an analogous challenge, but of course the session will also provide inspirations for the digital campus and thus fully zero in on the main focus of the PCST 2016! A session organized by European Union of Science Journalists' Associations EUSJA, German Science Writers TELI, Network Public Spirit (Netzwerk Gemeinsinn)

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