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Research on Strategy and Mode of Audience-generated Content in Science & Technology Museum

Xin Wang  

Audience growing up with the Internet have gradually changed their role from passive recipients to positive participants in science & technology museums. The study aimed at exploring strategy and mode of Audience-generated Content (AGC) to help museums to face the challenge of the role change of audience. The inspiration behind AGC is UGC (User-generated Content), which originated on Internet field. Trough it museums can build a platform for audience to create, express, communicate and share their original things and meet their participating demand. The study is divided into three parts: Firstly, we selected 3-4 science & technology museums to analyze existing strategy and mode of AGC, evaluated the feasibility of the implementation of AGC and formed the original AGC thought. Secondly, we focused on the core problem that is the source of content: How to motivate the audience to create and share contents continuously? It is possible to find new strategy to motivate audience, such as 1) Open participatory node; 2) Design interactive mode; 3) Reputation pervasion. In this process follow two new questions: How to avoid contents with low quality? How to protect the IP of AGC? The answers should be find in practice. Finally, a series of AGC exhibitions and marketing programs will be developed, which are workable and consistent with the actual situation of Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. Above all, the study expects to provide a reference for science & technology museums to create new strategy and mode to meet the participating demand of audience and to examine the possibility of applying Internet thoughts into science & technology museums' operation.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.