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Public Communication of Science and Technology


Framing and mapping science news in the long run (1990 - 2015)

Petra Pansegrau  

This session will be a panel session and fit in the theme 'Trends in public communication of science and technology'. Patterns of science news are a feature of the modern public sphere, and print media are now easy accessible in complete (digital) archives. The bottleneck of research has moved from corpus construction to the analysis. The challenge is to map the discourse of science and to compare tools for doing so. The session will focus on the media mapping of science coverage in the news in different countries. Based on some of the results of the international research network MACAS - 'Mapping the Cultural Authority of Science' (2012-2016) we will compare and discuss the media discourses about science in Turkey, Germany, Uk and Italy in qualitative and quantitative ways. The members of MACAS constructed comparable and tagged data corpus of mass media discourse in different countries over a time span of 25 years (1990 - 2015) and conducted systematic longitudinal analysis of the trends in the public discourse of science, which will be presented in this session by 15 min statements and one following discussion by Petra Pansegrau (Germany) and Gergana Popova(UK) Qualitative frame analysis of science and scientists in Germany and the UK Ahmet Suerdem (Turkey) Science in the turkish media Federico Neresini (Italy) Mapping controversies of science in different countries Bankole Falade (UK / Germany) and Martin Bauer (UK) Quantitative frame analysis of science in the news

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.