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What Do People Do with the Health Content of the Media?


In recent years, with the increase of the media content on health issues, the discussions on accuracy, credibility and the validity have been increased too. Focusing on the discussions on the issue, one of the biggest media and public opinion projects in Turkey started in 2010 named "Designation of the Principles on Health Content of the Media in Turkey: An Analysis on Source, Message, and Audience". This paper covers one of the parts of the project, and aims to share the results of the national survey conducted in 33 cities within 2.503 different home and people on the health content of Turkish media. Results show that people mostly prefer to get information from medical doctors rather than the media. Almost half of the participants partly trust the information given in the newspapers. People generally say that due to the media content they realized that they have a health problem, and they can get information about the private issues that they are shy to talk with others, also they behave consciously about their health. Moreover, people think that problems about health policy and healthcare system are not discussed enough, and doctors, products, medicines and hospitals mostly get advertised, concerns about selling more newspapers are of top priority, issues get discussed superficially, there is no detailed information and health news aren't checked. Turkish people don't get annoyed by health news in newspapers, and these news don't affect their trust to doctors and avoid them to visit a doctor. On the other hand, Turkish people control their doctor's advice's and their medical drugs mostly from the Internet. Some people use treatments and implementations that they learn from media, and they also want to visit a hospital and a medical doctor and buy a health product that they see on the media.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.