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Scientists on the road (1’ 30’’)

Oriol Marimon  

BigVan (www.thebigvantheory.com) presents a breaking scientific show based on stand-up comedy: "BigVan: Scientists on the road". This theatrical performance is designed to engage the general public with scientific and technological concepts through 3-4 stand-up comedy solos of 10-20 minutes length. A 15 minute "query&answer" (Q&A) session follows the show in which the audience is invited to ask, live or by Twitter, all the scientific questions they had always wanted to know. The added value of this show is that performers are cutting-edge scientists from all STEM disciplines with years of experience in performing arts. As a result, the audience is engaged with the latest advances in scientific and technological research. The Q&A session generates an interactive dialogue that breaks distances between researchers and the spectators. The audience often throws in general questions based in scientific myths that BigVan contributes to debunk. Connexion between audience and researchers goes further thanks to its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. BigVan adapts its live show to the digital era, and maintains the dialogue with the public through social media, sharing scientific humour, rigorous scientific content and answering questions that audience and followers have about science and technology. The effectiveness of the show in teaching and entertaining the general audience with science is attested by the fact that BigVan is being invited to perform all over the globe! They first came to prominence as an insightful scientific stand-up show in Spain starting in June 2013. Since then they have expanded and now have acted in international artistic festivals and scientific institutions such as FameLab, LHComedy, RedPOP or ScienceSlam Mexico & Uruguay, among others. The Art-Science-SocialMedia cocktail, together with the BigVan passion for science-communication, drive them to push frontiers and help opening the scientific world for the general public by stimulating and surprising the audience.

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