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What’s up with crossmedia?
– How to meet diverse information needs and communication preferences

Klaus Rümmele  

The marketing and communications professional of the future will have to be prepared to meet the needs of diverse audiences - and anticipate their questions: What kind(s) of information are they looking for? Which are the media and devices of their choice? How keen are they to interact? Expanding crossmedia activities will play a key role in future university communications in such areas as electronic press kits and combinations of video and magazine with campaigns. Crossmedia consequently seeks to link content and add value. Among the key questions to be asked is: When does switching media, say, from text to video or audio, incite recipients to participate? To come to a solution, a basic crossmedia guideline is essentail. Increasingly the media themselves are upping the game: many newspapers and magazines, tv and radio stations have their specific online versions. Not all of them, however, may have the resources to produce the amount of content they are looking for; good audio-visual material provided by communications departments alongside, for example, a press release will thus probably attract interest with editors. Crossmedia provides an opportunity to convey current topics both objectively and vividly. This workshop will introduce best practice examples and discuss how crossmedia can work - and what the challenges are.

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