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Science Communication and Journalism for Latin American teaching of Science. A Successful Experience based in STS approaches

Noemí Sanz Merino  

The aim of this presentation is to share the successful collaboration between the "Red Iberoamericana de Comunicación y Divulgación de Información Científica" (Latin American Network of Communication and Dissemination of Scientific Information) and Latino American teachers and STS researchers in implementing the international "Comunidad de Educadores por la Cultura Científica" (Teachers Community for Scientific Literacy); to show its methods and describe its theoretic and practical foundations. Promoted both by the Organization of Latin American States for the Education, Science and Culture (OEI), the Network (constituted by professionals, experts and non-experts) and the Community (by researches and teachers) together have created probably the largest experience for training Education professionals in order to help them to increase the scientific literacy and vocations of Latin America youth. Science and Technology Studies and Science Communication and Teaching research are the bases of the design and principles of its implementation and the training materials transferred by this experience already carried out along a decade.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.