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YouTube your science
Science to reach students of twenty first century

Javier Santaolalla  

Youngsters of the twenty first century use Internet as their favourite channel to communicate and get information. Videos are shared daily on different platforms, especially on YouTube. Can we benefit from this to communicate science? How can we adapt classroom contents to be delivered in this new format? What are the ingredients for a successful science video that can be shared among young people or even go viral? Can we use this material in the classroom? Big Van (www.thebigvantheory.com) is a group of scientists using comedy to bring science to the general public. Part of the activities of this group include researching new techniques to educate science. Big Van members run two YouTube channels [1] [2] and a videoblog [3]. Channels [1] and [2] are produced by a big TV producer, Endemol, and have more than 150 thousand views each, and the videoblog is sponsored by a big national spanish newspaper, El Mundo. YouTube has created a new way to communicate. In this presentation we discuss its use as a science teaching tool, useful tips to create your own videos and how use the existing ones to improve your communication inside and outside the classroom. REFERENCES: [1] Date un voltio - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCns-8DssCBba7M4nu7wk7Aw [2] Derivando - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH-Z8ya93m7_RD02WsCSZYA [3] I LOL ciencia - http://www.elmundo.es/ciencia/i-lol-ciencia.html

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