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Science Blog Competition to Encourage Young Students to Do Science Communication

Finarya Legoh  

First author is changed to Dr. Finarya Legoh and she is going to be the speaker of this presentation. Co-author is Dyah Ratna Permatasari (DoctoRabbit Science Inc.) There are several articles pointed out that scientists should increase their science communication skill. Hayden (Nature, 29 January 2015) revealed a research that there was a large gap between scientists and public when it comes to their opinion about hot debated issues. Young students are our source of future scientists. We have to prepare them to be noble scientists with better science communication skill. There are many science competitions for young gifted students in nationwide or international levels. However, almost all are only focused on the scientific knowledge. They are not enhancing the science communication skill of students. ASEAN+3 Center for Gifted in Science has elected Indonesia as the host of the 4th ASEAN+3 Junior Science Odyssey 2015, a science competition for junior high school gifted students in ASEAN countries plus Korea, Japan, and China. The competition held in August 2015, it was divided into : poster presentation, laboratory skill assessment, and team project presentation categories. For the team project, there were 10 teams consisted of participants from mixed countries. It came an initiative to assign the students to develop science blog. The content should include their ideas on protecting the marine and coastal environment, in order to preserve biodiversity ecosystem, and how to communicate the content to public. They previously visited Indonesian research vessel, called Baruna Jaya IV, in order to comprehend what research and development that scientists have done for marine and coastal environment. The result of the assignment was remarkable. The students could express their ideas in the blogs informatively. The juries were also amazed that all ten teams offered different novel ideas with a high standard quality.

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