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Public Communication of Science and Technology


Social disciplines and science communication studies

Semati Rodríguez  

Within Public Communication of Science and Technology Studies certain subjects have been overlooked. This is the case of social sciences. Possibly because when science is mentioned, we are more likely to think about natural sciences or disciplines such as medicine, mathematics, engineering or technology. However, the discussion of the basis of social sciences as well as the relevance of its public communication prevails and constitutes a potential field of research in PCST. There is already interest in the subject, especially in disciplines such as psychology or, in the case of countries like Mexico, archeology. Also, research has been conducted on areas like visual anthropology or studies of media uses in humanities such as history. It would be very interesting to connect this work with research in PCST because, in my opinion, it would benefit science communication studies, on the one hand, and it would help to increase public understanding of social sciences, on the other. This paper aims to offer a broad outline of communication studies in social sciences, as well as some potential research areas in PCST.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.