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The Colombian Annual Report on the Status and Trends of Biodiversity
Science Communication Innovations to Influence Environmental Management

Cristina Rueda  

The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Research on Biological Resources is a Colombian organization created to provide information and knowledge concerning national biodiversity for the Colombian Ministry of Environment and other institutions ascribed to the National Environment System. The Institute is mandated by national decree to present an annual report on the status and trends of continental biodiversity. This report is especially directed towards policy makers, key stakeholders, and citizens involved in taking environmental decisions but who may lack the scientific background required to understand and use unprocessed information and data. Previous reports experienced difficulty in presenting large amounts of information that overwhelmed the target audience or even passed by without being read. So in 2014 the Institute assembled an interdisciplinary group in charge of coordinating researchers, designers and communicators in order to release an innovative publication that presents its contents through compelling resources such as illustrations, infographics, and short texts. Currently, the editing group is working on the 2015 version, in agreement with the trend begun in 2014. In addition, an interactive website that allows for further exploration of contents and seeks a larger outreach is being developed. Accordingly, the aims of this poster are 1) to depict how a governing mandate fostered the creation of an ongoing science communication series about one of the most diverse countries on the planet, and 2) to describe the writing and visual strategies that are being developed for the online and printed versions of the report. We expect the presentation to be an example and inspiration for other research institutes to comply with policy requirements and effectively communicate results by overcoming knowledge barriers.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.