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A science communication proposal for basic education level in Veracruz, Mexico.

Cecilia Montero de Jesus  

In Mexico, as other latin american countries, science communication faces constrains because of unavailability of spaces and media bearing information to many society levels. One of the most fundamental questions about this subject is: how to reach children and teenagers, and include them in a scientific knowledge? Challenges are related with generate in youth a genuine interest about scientific themes, to do that we need efficient communication channels and strategies. In order to enhance science communication channels with mexican young from basic educational levels, we edit Noósfera magazine (ISSN 2395-9096), a three-monthly publication focused originally to environmental issues, a space for researchers and journalists with original products in many knowledge areas. As a strategic activity, we develop "Noósfera in your school", a program which main aim is to bring the authors of articles directly to students of basic education levels in Veracruz state. Through simple presentations in their schools, students can talk with local scientists and open a true window to science, in a process ranging from read a magazine, meet a scientist, and search for more information in digital media. We evaluated receptivity and response of students (15-17 years old) to this process in schools from Xalapa-Coatepec influence area, our results show a significant increase in both the declared interest by students, and their subsequent internet search activity.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.