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Developing Science and Technology Communication Value of Researchers through Marketing Concepts

Finarya Legoh  

Science and technology (S&T) communication value does not come naturally from many researchers, although they are willing to be involved, they might need assistance. Researchers are usually comforted by their brilliant discoveries and novelties, without considering whether public understand their distinctive language or not. It is not easy for researchers to formalize a few minutes concept of ideas to public. The Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), a national government R&D institute, realizes that the behavior of researchers should be transformed into a more strategic relationship to public and its stakeholders. The advent of ICT is also used to provide wide range of possibilities on disseminating information. The knowledge management, S&T communication, and social responsibility are the elements of action towards promotion and marketing concepts. They represent the new ways of operation within the R&D institutes. The specific issues are identified, to what approach and action might be required in marketing the technologies and services: • Explicit identification of project theme and objectives. • Targeting message: comprehensive identification and classification of stakeholders. • Capacity building needed within the institute, including internal networking access. • Way of approaching through cyber network. The selected researchers are trained as S&T communicator change agents through marketing concepts. The real activities area treated as case studies. They include collaborative and inter-active efforts of communication to targeted R&D institutes, private sectors, government / local governments, and communities. Social media and S&T blog are used to popularize the communication, as well as to market the technologies and services. It can be seen that novel efforts and initiatives taken in developing S&T communication value reveal the researchers' awareness and horizon. The approach and communication with stakeholders are improved, resulting attaining public acknowledgement and new stakeholders.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.