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Science journalism in the Balkans

Mico Tatalovic  

Recent years have seen a boom in interest in science journalism in the Balkan region. A Croatian journalist was named the best European science writer of the year in 2015. Several schools of science journalism and associations of science journalists have sprung up, as well as news outlets and magazines that cover science. Some of these included UNESCO-backed schools and some are regional in nature, recognising the similar challenges facing reporters wanting to specialise in science topics: lack of freelance and job opportunities, editors who don't appreciate science, a tsunami of pseudoscience in media and general low scientific literacy among the public, to name a few. But the new initiatives also show ineterest among young journalists, especially women, in pursuing science writing careers. This session would gather prominent science journalists from different countries of the region and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing science journalism in this region, and ask if there is something monumental happening in this area right now.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.