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How to successfully pitch a science story to media

Mico Tatalovic  

Vast areas of our planet are still grossly underrepresented in the global media landscape. Science and research policy issues key to survival of modern societies from the global south, including the Balkans region where this year's PCST is hosted, still rarely see the light of day in media. A big part of the problem is the capacity of local reporters to make successful pitches to international, and local, media. In this hands-on sessions, I will outline key requirements of a good science pitch for both online and print media. I will draw on my experience as a science news editor and working with dozens of freelance reporters form around the world, both for SciDev.Net and New Scientist magazine. This will include 'must do's and definite 'no' when pitching, as well as a follow through to ensuring your story gets published. It will cover both straight science reporting and science policy reporting. I will also use examples from my pitches to top magazines such as Nature, Science and Chemistry World. The participants will get a basic theoretical background to pitching, as well as hands on experience pitching a story and putting themselves in an editor's seat to decide which pitches are good - and saying why so. This should empower them to be able to sell their stories to more and better international news outlets.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.