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Art, Science Fiction and Science Communication

Gabriela Frias-Villegas  

I researched several communication of science projects which were carried out in institutes of scientific research in Mexico and around the world. As a result I found out that most of these projects where using the Deficit Model as a framework for their activities. In those models one-way interactions, where privileged over dialogical interactions. Hence, I proposed a normative model called "Integral Dialogue Model", to be used in communication of science offices within institutes of scientific research, to create science communication actions. Its main goal is to give and impulse to horizontal and multi-directional interactions between scientists and different cultural groups to discuss and to create joined interdisciplinary projects with science and technoscience related subjects. This model has already been in two very successful projects which where carried out by an interdisciplinary group of people, including a group of scientists of the Nuclear Sciences Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. The first one was a collaboration between a group of contemporary artists and a group of scientists who decided to find new ways to discuss gravity. As part of their project, they decided to create several art and science pieces on board of an airplane which carried out a parabolic flight to simulate zero gravity. The result of this work was a very successful art and science exhibit that attracted millions of visitors. The second one was the collaboration between scientists and science fiction writers who decided to write "hard" science fiction based on real scientific research. The result is a booklet with several science fiction stories which actually can be used as a starting point to discuss science. In this talk I will discuss the Integral Dialogue Model and some of its applications which have allowed us to reach large and diverse audiences.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.