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Pioneering Art for the planet sustainability in the widest community of Earth Scientists in Europe
Our experience at EGU 2015

Tiziana Lanza  

presenter: Aquiles Negrete, aqny@unam.mx Scientists and Artists working together for the planet sustainability is a trend in science communication getting day by day new adepts all over the world. For instance, some Science Institutes have introduced the Artist-in-residence, to increase the opportunities of co-operation to spread in a new intriguing way scientific research. Nevertheless, our Session at EGU 2015, the greatest venue in Europe gathering more than 10.000 scientists involved in the different geophysical disciplines, was the first of the kind. The session was warmly welcomed and successful, with the participation of digital artists, scientists and performers, visual artists, musicians, geologists and geophysicists, photographers and paleontologists. We would like to share with the world wide community of science communicators our experience as pioneers in such circumstances. This will be the occasion to describe the work we have done to establish the first nucleus of a community that can facilitate the identification of more and more effective methods to educate people to a life-style respectful of the planet and its inhabitants. It would also be the occasion to show the motivations behind our attempt to bridge the two cultures bringing together the communities of scientists and artists in a mutual and fruitful co-operation.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.