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Digital Public Communication and Science Popularization
The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil and its Research Institutes

Ana Paula Soares Veiga  

This work focuses on Public Communication and science popularization actions performed through the web portals of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MSTI) of Brazil and its 13 Research Institutes (RIs). The research is a multiple case study (Yin, 2001), through documentary research and semi-structured interviews. Technical analysis of the portals is grounded in the parameters stipulated by Vilella (2003) and De Falco (2009), adapted by the researcher. The analysis, concluded in July 2015, reveals the absence of an articulated structure in this area, to the detriment of the institutions themselves and the various stakeholders (government, business, media, researchers, educators, students, etc.). Considering the importance of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) and Digital Public Communication for the construction of citizenship and effective social inclusion, a systemic and coordinated Science Communication format might work as a promoter and supporter of science popularization. The study points to the need to establish a communication policy, and use strategies of digital media that value and give visibility to the RIs as members of the Brazilian STI system and leading knowledge generators.

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