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Becoming a product-placement
Science communicators, learn to communicate on your own behalf!

Alexander Gerber  

Becoming a product-placement: science communicators, learn to communicate on your own behalf! Science communicators in many parts of the world, particularly if they are freelance journalists, are facing existential challenges in an increasingly hostile work environment. In the digital media world, it is not sufficient anymore to be an expert a particular topical field. You must also be an expert in self-marketing your skills to potential clients. You know you have value to offer as a professional, but if you are not getting the jobs you want, you should start to think and act entrepreneurial! Your own successful blog, podcast, web video channel, Facebook page or Twitter feed will go a long way to demonstrate that you not only know your beat, but also how to get your message across in the relevant formats and on the relevant platforms of the digital age. Whom will scientific institutions in the future hire when looking for a communicator? Someone whose job ends when a press release is written up, or rather someone who communicates to his own following of multipliers and influencers around science? The suggested workshop will demonstrate how successful communicators build their reputation and thereby score better jobs. Expect best cases as examples, guidelines for do's and don'ts, lots of opportunities for questions and first steps to get you on your way as an entrepreneurial-minded science communicator. // Prof. Alexander Gerber, Director of a Science Communication degree programme which also includes half-year modules on the above-mentioned business skills ("Entrepreneurial Journalism" and "Multilancing") // Ulrike Langer, digital media innovation journalist and correspondent, Seattle / USA, a long-term columnist and author focussing on the business prospects of using the new media environments to secure sustainable success as a freelance Communicator // Prof. Deborah Blum, MIT

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