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Bridging the gap! How young African and European scientists are trying to end the dichotomy in approaching science communication

Alexander Gerber  

How Eurocentric are European perspectives on science communication? How could both scholars and practitioners in PCST incorporate a more comparative, global approach? To facilitate such a transcultural, mutual learning process, Rhine-Waal University in Germany together with the news hub African Gong are preparing an African-European exchange programme. Two international meetings are planned to start a continuous exchange of experiences and expectations, identify obstacles and opportunities. Particularly students and young researchers with a 'cosmopolitan' attitude will be targeted as future leaders of this change of mind-sets and therefore as main participants in the kick-off meetings. Issues such as food-waste or GM crops show that there is no shortage of highly politicised issues around science and innovation where misunderstandings and ignorance on both continents dominate the debate and prevent sustainable change. Thinking globally, and acting locally, however, requires an open dialogue on eye-level, which is what both partners wish to facilitate. For PCST 2016 we are proposing a fish-bowl session (or if logistically not possible a classic panel discussion format), including the following speakers: AFRICA: Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala, African Gong // EUROPE: Prof. Alexander Gerber, Rhine-Waal University // CASE: Tristram Stuart, best-selling author of "Waste -- Uncovering the Global Food Scandal"

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.